Build High Quality Backlinks with AutoFillMagic (Review)

A thorough study and in-depth analysis of content written on building free backlinks reveals that most popular high PR web 2.0 sites are of great significance in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Most of the SEO experts, the world over, have been utilizing web 2.0 destinations as legitimate and effective sources for creating backlinks. Tools such as SEnuke XCR, Ultimate Demon, Sick Submitter etc. have been designed for the sole purpose of assisting in the implementation of the dull and monotonous tasks of building backlinks and off-site optimization. However,  there remain question marks against the efficacy of these tools as it has been observed that the algorithms employed by Google are mostly predilected towards promoting backlinks created manually. Continue reading…


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Spin Articles with Spin ReWriter (Review)

I made a big mistake while buying Spin Rewriter.  Don’t think it was buying the product itself.  The mistake was underestimating the discount offer of Gold Membership at the time of   purchase.  It is generally thought that upsells are nothing but a means to earn more profit for traders, but exceptions are always there, although very rare. And the upsells that come along with Spin Rewriter are of real worth.

Before making any decision about buying Spin Rewriter (latest version) or otherwise, let us review the software. Continue reading…

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The best among the contents is equal to nothing if people are ignorant of it. It has to be made public to be acclaimed by the people. Same is true of blogs as the toughest part of a blog is to attract traffic to it. To address the issue of driving traffic to your blog BuzzBundle is one among best tools. It will attract more people to yourself and your blog and drive more traffic to your website.

Traffic is not the last thing you need to build sales and enhance revenue for you. Only targeted traffic can serve the purpose. So how targeted traffic can be driven to your website?   Buzz Bundle is the key to engage people with you and your contents. Continue reading…

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Content Generator – SEO Content Machine Review and Tutorial

Hi there! How are you all SEO junkies doing? We tried out the recently released SEO Content Machine (SCM) and thought to let you know what we felt about the software and also to give you a detailed in-depth tutorial on its usage. We have been using Kontent Machine (KM) for quite some time to produce required content but we had been in search of some other application that could up the ante a bit and generate better quality content. It’s been about a month since we have got our hands on the SEO Content Machine and having tried a few things out with this application, we think that now we are better poised to let the world know of our experience with it and compare the two competing content production softwares. Continue reading…

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