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FatCow is a web host providing quality web hosting services for individuals and SME’s. Founded in 1998, was designed to serve the users with best of the hosting services being unique and different from others, quite successful as well in this regard.

If looking for a web host providing quality web hosting services, then FatCow is the best choice for you.

Simplicity is the only principle in their web hosting services and emphasizes this most while providing webhosting services. The pricing scheme, ease of using web hosting, quality and efficient customer support are all simple. Another important thing is your focus remains on the website rather getting distracted by various web hosting issues. FatCow can be defined as trustworthy web host.

What is Cow? What they offer?

FatCow is actually shared web hosting provider and the potential customers are SME’s, E Commerce or individual websites. FatCow started its operation in year 1998 while office located in Burlington, Massachusetts emphasizing mostly on webhosting simplicity. They have one web hosting plan at one cost. This plan is known as The FatCow Plan.

Highlights of FatCow Web Hosting Features

  • Unlimited email account
  • Unlimited web space
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Install Central embedded
  • Free drag and drop site builder software

Information about Unlimited Add-On Domains

The feature that allows the user to host extra domain name except primary domain is basically Add-on Domain. This feature, in other words, provides you the facility to host additional website as desired. So you can now host several domains with a single web hosting account.

FatCow offering Free Domain also?

Certainly, Yes. As long as FatCow is remains your web host, you’ll get domain of your choice free of cost.

Number of Email Accounts with FatCow?

You can now get unlimited email account with FatCow Web Hosting plan. Create as much accounts as required with the name of your own choice. However, you need to buy the domain name if wishes to have different domain for email address as of free domain.

Access to Email Account with my Mobile Devices Available?

Yes, you can certainly. Email can be read and replied by using BlackBerry, Android phone, iPhone and various other smart phones. You just simply need to create IMAP mail account in the web hosting and configuring the device as per given instructions. You can also synchronize with the calender, email and contact list etc with the help of Microsoft Exchange with extra cost of $2.95/month.

WordPress blog can be Hosted or not?

Yes, you can host WordPress blog using FatCow web hosting. One click installation is required to install WordPress blog on your website within no time.

What about forum and e-Commerce software?

You can access more than 20 free websites scripting that includes Blog, E Commerce, CMS, Forum, software and image gallery etc. FatCow has Gbook for forum, for e commerce; phpBB and SMF, AgoraCart, ZenCart and osCommerce for CMS etc.

How FatCow helps in developing website?

FatCow has the facility of simple to use drag and drop website builder that allows you to build website within no time.

Hosting adult contents Allowed with FatCow?

No, you cannot host the adult content, anything that is related to pornographic materials, child porn and obscene. Even hosting a gambling website is also not allowed with FatCow.

Can I host images?

As long as the term of use are not violated, hosting of images on FatCow is allowed. There are up to three website scripts that supports browsing of images allowing the images to manage more efficiently. These scripts are ZenPhoto, Coppermine and Gallery2 etc.

Support I expect from FatCow?

Customer Support of 24×7 round the clock is provided to the subscribers through email, live chats and phone calls. Large database of Frequently Asked Questions and tutorials is available for your support and queries. FatCow pledged the support quality in HeiferCratic Oath when taken in terms of quality.

HeiferCratic Oath

HeierCratic Oath is taken in terms of quality of support and is pledged from FatCow. In this, they provide you with a free month of web hosting if failed in delivering positive and quality support. The pledges are:

  • Welcoming you to FatCow and call you within starting seven days.
  • On average, answering your phone call within 2 mins time each day.
  • Phone support provided in North America.
  • Resolving the issue when first contacted them or setting a deadline for follow up.
  • Being friendly and courteous while maintaining pleasant support experience etc.

Time it take to get my website online?

When the payment is made, your web hosting account will be immediately set up and will be able to login your FatCow account after next few minutes. Start uploading the website as it instantly goes online.

FatCow Web Hosting sounds cool. How do I sign up?

If you want to sign up for FatCow services, then it you will be charge $99/year. You will have to pay upfront one year fee without any contract with the webhosting services. 50% discount is available for signing up to FatCow through this special link.

Have any discount coupon for FatCow?

We don’t have discount coupon code but FatCow does offer a special deal to HostingHosted readers. Through a special link, you can sign up FatCow at 50% off from normal price at $4.67/month. Read more about the discount at FatCow discount.

Dont have time to read wanted to watch quick video

FatCow is a good host for WordPress & Joomla Web Hosting

Wanted to learn more about FatCow Web Hosting

Read our article on FatCow Web Hosting Features in 30 Seconds

How can I Visit FatCow Website?

You can visit FatCow website by clicking hereVisit FatCow

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  1. Rebecca Lindquist March 1, 2012 at 3:23 am

    Great review! I was thinking of switching to FatCow but wasn’t sure if they supported WordPress. I’m glad to find out that they do!