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One of the oldest web hosting service providers in this webhosting industry is BlueHost. Since 1996, they are providing hosting solutions to individuals and small businesses. Because of long list of features with quality customer support and also because of providing tools that are easy to use for website building, they are well known web host and is a good choice for the newbies.

Blue Host Hosting Service Providers are cheaper webhosts in this web hosting industry, but at $6.95/month, Bluehost charges an average nominal price and offers uptime guarantee of 99%. This means that your site will remains up almost all the time, until and unless it remains down for maintenance purposes.

Web Hosting Features: What One Can Expect From Bluehost?

Unlimited Domain Hosting

One of the important feature in a web hosting plan is to have unlimited domain hosting for hosting multiple websites. Because it’s a hassle for you to open new account every time for hosting multiple websites. But with Blue Host you don’t need to worry about this as you will get unlimited domain hosting. So, if you have blogs, professional resume website, and a business website, you can manage them all now. It must be noted that “Unlimited” doesn’t mean “totally free” as you get single domain name with the hosting plan and have to pay $10 for additional domain each.

Unlimited Gigabyte Web Hosting Space

You will get unlimited disk/storage space with Blue Host and there is no need to pay for extra space. Keep one thing in mind that don’t plan to take online backup with this web host as BlueHost is strictly just for websites. This web host allows storage of your website material.

Unlimited Email Accounts

You can create unlimited email accounts with BlueHost Web Hosting plan.  This web host provides several email programs, such as SquirrelMail, Roundcube and Horde etc.

Try Before Buying: Take Advantage On Blue Host Hosting Demo

Bluehost is the right choice for you? If, not sure then take it for test drive! There is an online demo which enables you to check the cPanel features on the website before signing up for web hosting services. I must say that this is a huge plus as most of the web host don’t include demo of their cPanel.

The demo thorough surprisingly: cPanel demo provides the same getting started wizard as in real, that takes you through all important functions. One more plus is that the demo will also provide a trial to try out the entire cPanel which also includes Simple Scripts and tutorials. Some of the scripts has already been downloaded on the demo server so that it can be try out without downloading them by self. The demo servers are limited and is the only issue you will be facing, so most of the times the scripts unable to load and need to try again later on. One simple solution for this problem is to open a free account with Simple Scripts and then try them on your own webhosting account.

If the script is not already downloaded on server and you want to try it then let the download it for yourself and test it out. This feature is a great addition that enables you to test anything you need for the website. Do make sure that it is available throug Blue Host before getting the webhosting services. For instance, If you need to create a blog, you can test WordPress in Simple Scripts.

24/7/365 Customer Support

It’s quite hard to beat Blue Host when talking about customer service, in our opinion. Free technical support provided to U.S Customers by the web host 24/7/365. If there is some problem in the domain or hosting account, you can access them through toll free number, online chat with representatives or can interact with us via email. There is an extensive Help Center feature on the website, where video tutorials, user forums and much more are available to help you.

Is BlueHost Recommended?

Overall, we think this is an excellent hosting service for small businesses and individuals. For only $6.95/month, you get excellent customer support and a long list of free, easy-to-use features like Simple Scripts and website templates. And, even though it is designed for smaller enterprises and first-time users, the service still includes advanced options and the ability to create your own website without a template if you choose.

How can I Visit BlueHost Website?

You can visit BlueHost website by clicking hereVisit BlueHost

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  1. Bluehost is a pretty good host. I have no complaints except that the price seems lower at other hosts I’ve seen lately. Other than that, the customer service is good and it’s easy to navigate through the cpanel.