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The very first thing you have to know about GreenGeeks is that they are 300% green! It’s 300%! What does that mean? They are greener than the green!

It is known that data centers and servers consumes fair amount of energy. This thing is quite shocking but still most of us ignore this truth. We thought that it’s too far from us but this thing is wrong. Infact its near  as much as the websites we surfed each day. So the data center that host our website actually consumes a lot energy which is quite large in sum. At the same time CO2 emissions can never be stopped! For the reason, its good to have a web host like GreenGeeks.

What GreenGeeks do is that they purchase Wind Energy credit, as much as 300% of their energy consumptions (including all the servers and workstations) and feed in to the national grid. This will offset the national needs on the fossil-generated electricity, and hence a lesser CO2 emissions.

Actually, it is producing two extra units of electricity for each unit of electricity consumed by the website. And most importantly, these three units of electricity are produced with the help of wind energy, totally cleaned with no or reduced carbon emissions. This helps in protecting our Earth’s environment and also keeping it Green.

There are many hosts claim to be green with the purchase of 100% green energy. Honestly, they are no way near to GreenGeeks and their intention is questionable too. Whereas GreenGeeks is really a rare host who is indeed sincere in doing the environment a good. It’s highlighted to me too that GreenGeeks is inducted into theUnited States Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership! Check out the certificate to the right.

A web host with such a great Green Hosting is something very interesting in my opinion. However, It’s good to be green other thing, but it should be noted that we don’t compromise on quality of hosting services.

Host Unlimited Websites With GreenGeeks!

GreenGeeks offered the real web hosting features. Get Unlimited Storage Space when hosted your site with Green Geeks. While it’s competitors just offering less storage space which is usually few hundred GB. So storage space is not your problem anymore when chooses Green Geeks.

Get more Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfer with Green Geeks. As your website became famous, it results in increasing no. of visitors and same time need of increased bandwidth and data transfer arises. So you don’t need to panic as Green Geeks hosting plans has all you need.

GreenGeeks allows you to host multiple websites with just a single account. As storage space provide you space for storing file and data transfer rate for visitor to come to your website, just like that add on domain allows you to host as many websites as desired. What you need is to buy extra domain that cost you a price of $10 annually. In long run, this price will not cost you much because of it’s unlimited benefits.

Get Free Domain Name with GreenGeeks its latest offer if you are not aware of this yet. As long as Green Geeks will remains your web host, they will be paying the price for your domain name. In case, if you transfer from your existing webhost to GreenGeeks then you don’t need to pay for domain annual fee from the day of sign up.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free 1 Domain Name For Life
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Free Website Builder + Templates
  • Mobile Devices Support for Email Accounts (Hot!)
  • Unlimited POP3/ IMAP email
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Agora Cart, Moodle, etc
  • Support Streaming Video, Audio & Flash
  • Over 50 Free Software Powered by Fantastico
  • 30 Days Full Money Back Guarantee


CPanel + Fantastico Hosting: GreenGeeks Is User-friendly

GreenGeeks has cPanel as the hosting panel and is Linux based, embedded with Fantastico as well. Also, it is very user-friendly whether its managing domains, databases, websites files, emails or applications and software in the website. Free softwares of over 50 are provided for the website in Fantastico. With one click installation it will take no longer than 5 mins to have a own website system.

For Transfer Clients: Free Site Migration By GreenGeeks!

If you are getting transferred from your existing web hosting to Green Geeks hosting then in this case you will be provided with Free Site Transfer! During this process your website will remains up and operate normally. Most importantly that it’s cost you nothing.

If you want to know what you will be offered from GreenGeeks in this service, then following are the points:

  • Migration of all site files, databases & e-mails
  • Fully communicate thorough the migration process
  • Migrations done within 24-48 hours
  • Domain registration transfer assistance
  • Assistance with changing nameservers

100% North Americans Support In GreenGeeks

As GreenGeeks is offering Site Transfer for free so the quality of work is of more importance. Are you interested to avail all these services and without paying anything? I suggest you will go for GreenGeeks as you will never know if you never try.

My personal experience is very good with them. Three important aspects that i got attracted are:

  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Support Structure
  • North American Support Team

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How can I Visit GreenGeeks Website?

You can visit GreenGeeks website by clicking hereVisit GreenGeeks

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  1. I use GreenGeeks and I think it’s a very efficient site to use. I’d recommend it simply because you are doing good for the environment.