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Unix Vs Windows Web Hosting

Unix and Windows are mostly used operating systems which may hosts your websites. Both have their own features, advantages and disadvantages. We can differentiate between them to choose which one is the better choice according to your requirements on the following points:

    • Stability: Unix hosting are more stable as compared to windows hosting because Unix is quite capable of handling high loads as compared to Windows and also Unix based server requires reboots less whereas Windows required to reboot frequently. So Unix hosting enjoys high up time and high availability.
    • Performance: Both types of hosting are good in performance wise comparably in low stress condition. But Unix servers shows good performance under high load.
    • Scalability: Windows web hosting is more scalable as compared to Unix hosting. Unix based programming like PHP, MySQL etc. are easily supported and compatible with Windows hosting whereas Unix based servers are not easily compatible with Microsoft technologies like VB and .NET etc.
    • Price: Windows webhosting is more expensive as compared to Unix webhosting as website needs operating systems and licenses. So Windows hosting costs much whereas Unix is almost free to download, install and operate.
    • Conclusion: Unix hosting is more stable, faster, stable and more reliable as compared to Windows hosting, however there is no harm in getting windows web hosting.

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