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Free Facebook Credits

Facebook credits are used for many things on the Facebook website nowadays for things such as sending gifts, donations, buying things for gaming, or even advertising your business. A lot of points are needed for all of these and they’re not free.

What are Facebook  Credits

With Facebook Ads, you can:

You can get loads of benefits with facebook credits such as:

  • Reach Millions of Potential Customers
  • Connect through the biggest social platform in the World
  • Target Ads Across the World or in Your Own Neighborhood
  • Traget Ads based on sex, demographic and or other factors
  • Get Real-Time Reporting while your ads are in action
  • Only Pay When Customers Click Your Ads
  • And much much more

Following are the top web hosting providers offering “Free Facebook Advertising credits” when you sign up with them, making it easier for you to connect with new and existing customers on the popular social networking site in an instant.

Free $50 Dollars Facebook Credits

To get Free $50 Dollars Facebook Credits , visit following top web hosting providers (Do note we only provide the list of those hosting providers which offer 24X7 Customer Service, 99.9% uptime plus other factors)

Visit HosPapa Web Hosting

Visit iPage Web Hosting

Visit FatCow Web Hosting


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  1. Rob Kisilowski March 1, 2012 at 3:27 am

    Awesome! I didn’t know iPage gave out free Facebook credits and I am hosting one of my sites with them. I will have to inquire about this!