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Finding RSS Feed?

Where Do I Find the RSS Feed URL?

In order to have your blog articles sent by email using our Blog Broadcast feature, you need to get a hold of the URL address of the RSS feed of your blog.

Graphic showing RSS Feed URL box on Blog Broadcast settings page

How to Find Your RSS Feed Address

Its an easy task, however it gets hard sometimes if dont know the tirck. On, we have shown the tips and tricks, just follow the stpeps and your job will be done by the browser.
Open the website for which you want to find the RSS feed, try to open the website in Internet Explorer or Mozilla however any browser can do the job for you. Just

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go to view
  3. Click Source (or Page Source) option under the view menu

Graphic showing how to view source

The new window will appear with the HTML for your page, use the “Find” feature (typically Ctrl-F on a PC,Command-F on a Mac) and search for “RSS” (without the quotes) as show below.

Graphic showing find feature in the FireFox browser

You will be taken to a line that reads something like:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Example"
href="" />

The RSS feed’s URL address is found between the quotes after href= .  In this case, it would be:

Where to Find the Address in Firefox

Alternatively, if you’re using the Firefox browser or have it installed on your computer, you can click on the RSS icon in the toolbar.

Graphic showing RSS icon in FireFox

You’ll now find the URL address in the tool-bar.

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