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Everyone wants to move their host to the best one sooner or later. For most it’s a daunting task and end up not finding the proper answer. End result is user willing to stay with an unsatisfactory hosting provider rather than take on the task of migrating a site.

Why Move? (Site Migration, Hosting Migration)

There can be multiple reasons for moving to a new host. Mainly it can be

  • Cost
  • Level of Services (it can be uptime, downtime, customer services)
  • Features you may get with a new host.

Don’t Migrate IF?

Most hosts do a wonderful job at front end, by designing their website MAIN (homepage) look and feel stunning and cutting edge. Moreover, they claim to offer you loads of features free of cost or in shape of unlimited packages, these all steps are taken just to lure customers to sign up with them. But once they have you, services drops off, calls get unanswered, uptime goes to 50%  and so on.

Find a Reliable Host (Free Site Migration Services)

The problem, of course, is finding reliable hosts which can solve all your problems by offering you free site migration services.  Following are the top web hosting providers offering you free site migration services

Visit HostGator
HostGator Web Hosting
Visit iPage
Visit GreenGeeks

However, if you want to do the site migration by yourself, simply follow these steps

  • Read new company’s features against your website needs. For example, if your site is managed using WordPress scripts or Frontpage or PHP, make sure your new host supports these services.
  • In-case your site uses any databases, make sure you understand process for migrating your database.
  • Collect all information about your web hosting account  For example what needs to be migrated besides standard web site files and databases. For example emailing accounts (including usernames and passwords), web mailing lists, etc.
  • Have full access on current host such as FTP (file transfer protocol) and database access (incase your website is using any database(s)).  Do note before moving, its recommended you download all files and data
  • Make sure you have full access to your domain name server i.e. where your domain is registered. As you planning to migrate to new web host you also need to change your DNS (Domain Name Srver) settings too.
  • Now create hosting account on new server. Obviously for that you will have all the information related to new hosting server.
  • Upload files to new hosting account by using any FTP. IF necessary create new databases and import the old ones to new databases.
  • If using any scripts which are connected to databases, configure them to match to the new hosting environment.
  • Once everything is done properly (uploaded and imported), test your web host with the temporary address given by new web hosting before your domain name get transferred.
  • Create new email account against the domain name with your new web hosting provider. While configuring the outlook , outlook express mail , thunder bird etc… make sure you understand how to configure mail client as hosting companies have different requirements when it comes to configuring Emails.
  • Login to domain name registrar account and change Domain Name Server (DNS) settings to point to new hosting provider. Usually this process takes from 2 -48 hours to propagate throughout the internet.
  • Once all the above steps are taken into consideration properly, now cancel your hosting account with the old one. Make sure don’t inform your old web hosting account that you going to cancel your services with them, this can (or may) cause problem(trouble) for you. For example they may not give you access(username, password) to all things such as databases, scripts, DNS settings etc..
Hope you understood all the points mentioned by professionals. However if you still face any ambiguity consult with webmaster for more assistance. While the above given steps may seem complicated, actually they are not for an experienced host or web developer.
Moreover don’t forget to check the top web hosting providers offering you free site migration services as given above.

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