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What If You Picked The Wrong Host?

We receive hundreds of emails from visitors stating they done their last mistake i.e picked the wrong host? And the nightmares they get

— Nightmare #1 —

I received the following email from [bad host] this morning:

‘Dear Nicole, Congratulation! As per our previous emails, today we have upgraded your hosting account for [site address] to our new [plan] and processed your invoice 834023 in the amount of $69.95 through your credit card account on file. If you have any query contact us and we will respond you in the best possible way’

1. I did not at all authorize [bad host] to upgrade my account.
2. When I call the given phone number in the email no one answers at all.

Bad host charging your credit card without your permission!

— Nightmare #2 —

Their customer service is super slow Plus they charged me twice the money just to renew my hosting account.

I use the [bad host] service to renew my hosting plan, they charged me rightly i.e for 1 year that’s what I wanted. However after few days they charged me another 95 USD, which I have no idea about it. I sent them mails no response at all.

Bad host steal your money again and again

— Nightmare #3 —

My website is down since last few days, I raised multiple tickets. The problem was not solved then I decided to chat with an online support and it came shock to me the girl I was talking was not even a human being, she was a F******* BOT. This [bad host] don’t care about their cutomers at all, they just choke their servers by cramming everyone on a single machine and leave their existing customers in the dark. Now my websites run slower than a turtle – faster than snail.

Bad host offering slow services and chocking their servers

— Nightmare #4 –

Everything was going perfectly fine, I opened my website on a beautiful morning, and my website page start coming as blank, I straight away called the support at [bad host], their reply was – we are extremely sorry, our servers have messed up and your ENTIRE website data is erased.

Bad host can screw up your entire website!

We Have the solution for you?

If ever this thing happens to you we have the simplest solution for you to stay away from such kind of disastrous nightmares.

a)     First thing First, Choose Best Web Host – so the problem never comes, choose one of the following top 3 web hosting providers of all time.

i) iPage (After signing up you will get 450 US Dollar Free Credits)

ii) HostPapa (After signing up you will get 500 US Dollar Free Credits)

iii) HostGator (They are also best breed but not too many free credits though)
HostGator Web Hosting

However, if the mistake is already done, Instead of emailing, calling to support people, creating tickets and so on and wasting weeks in this hassle

a)     Its better to just spend a night building your content again– writing small articles (if in case you lost your data too) and then straight away go and buy the web hosting from best web hosting providers as listed above

b)      After signing up with web hosting providers upload your content – set the look and feel of your website. As you will also get over 400 Dollar worth of credits.

c)     Spend those credits aggressively to start marketing your business.

d)     Just tell your users you have changed your website look and feel and created an innovative idea

e)      NOTE: Don’t EVER let your users know what happens to YOU (i.e. Incase the BAD HOST gave you a hard time)

Hope the above mentioned points will help you stay away from the [bad host].

Just a quick note – its better to save your website data time to time in a Microsoft word file, that’s quick, cheap and easy as this way you will never loose your precious data ever.

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