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This article is specifically written for those individuals who do not have much knowledge about web hosting. This is the reason why this article will only discuss regarding the fundamental requirements within a shared hosting scenario, such as space and bandwidth. For the most part, individuals, trying to find highly developed aspects, are already aware of their requirements anyway.

We should first discuss the space – What is Web Space?

. Web space (or disk space) is the total quantity of data that can be saved on the web server’s hard disk. All web hosting accounts have a particular amount of space, generally between 50 MB and 1000 MB to an unlimited web hosting package.
Clearly, the quantity of required space is reliant on the extent of the website. The majority of websites includes html (text) pages with a small amount of graphics (gifs or jpegs) or sometimes a bit of Flash animation. Text is cost-effective as it needs very small space. Images as well as flash are costly since they a lot of space in needed for them. If this is your first experience with web, you might consider it brilliant to include many colorful pictures so your website looks appealing.
From SEO point of view – You must try to include as much as text as you can on a page while keeping its size below 50-60 KB together with graphics. The reason is that there are still many people who have slow dial-up connections with speed less than 56 Kbps. Therefore, for them a 150 KB will require over 21 seconds to load complete web page. On the other hand, a 60 KB page will require over 8 seconds to load completely.
Taking into consideration a standard page size of 30 KB, you can include more or less 33 pages on 1Mb space; and with space equals to 10 MB, you can easily host 330 pages.
The idea is that unless you have an active online forum, your requirement for space should be relatively modest. Do not forget to attain 30KB/page on average and you should be doing extremely good even with web space of 10 MB.

Secondly we should discuss Bandwidth – What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the quantity of data that you are permitted to transfer every month. It takes account of the entire uploads as well as downloads irrespective of the used protocol. Bandwidth relies heavily on the standard page size, but it as well relies on the amount of viewers your website will get as well as the standard quantity of pages they visit. For a standard page of 30 KB size, with 20,000 visitors monthly and 3 pages for each visit, your website will require more or less 1800 MB (1.8 GB) bandwidth monthly. For the most part, cost-effective web hosting packages incorporate that amount of bandwidth. However, 20,000 monthly visitors is not a very practical target for many of websites, because the majority of websites usually have less than 2,000 monthly visitors.
All these numbers are included in this article to give you an idea of the way to calculate your requirements practically. There is no need for huge space or bandwidth if you are just planning to start your website.

Conclusion: Except that you have solid base to think that your website will positively attract a huge amount of visitors, and unless you are offering downloading option for movies and/or music, there is simply no reason for you to be afraid of space and bandwidth issue.

Make your estimates logically and ensure you choose best of the best web hosting breed.

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