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A common issue in internet marketing is how to use hyphens in a domain name. Following are some important points to remember when planning your site.

At the time of interview on a local radio program, the anchor will always take questions from the people listening to the show. Generally, while publicizing your product, your business or your objective, the anchor mentions the associated URL. It becomes really annoying for anchor to tell, and for audience to note down long URLs. Therefore, you should ensure while using hyphenated URLs that very clear and not too long.

For example, the URL ‘’ is very short and so the hyphen can be used. Considering the same URL, there is also a chance that audience might confuse the wordings before and after the hyphen. The URL ‘’ can be noted down by some listeners as ‘’; therefore it is advisable to purchase both URLs to guarantee easy acess for you target audience.

People tend to create their own URLs at the time of searching the internet according to what they are thinking about. For instance, if while trying to find the book ‘Angels & Demons’, they might type Even though this sort of traffic is less in number in comparison to the primary URL with no hyphens, the hyphens surely guarantee the intended traffic. At the moment, domain names can be purchased very economically, so, having different types domain for your primary site is surely a low-cost ‘traffic assurance’. URLs seems more professional if no hyphen is used. If the aim of your website deals with key word campaigns and search engine spiders, then having hyphenated domain names are fine. However, you are aiming at creating a brand or having a domain name that can be remembered easily, then you should not use hyphenated domain names. Mostly, people take ‘underscores’ (_) as ‘hyphens’ (-) because hyphenated domain names have became very common. Another problem with underscores is that they can are difficult to notice as soon you underline the URL or domain. Is feasible, you should avoid using hyphens between words because such a domain name is difficult in speaking as well as in noting down.

It is generally known fact that a domain name having more than three words does not incorporate hyphens; however, there are always some exceptions to the rule. Sometimes when preferred domain names are not available, a hyphenated URL becomes the only option. Hyphenated domain names can as well be used when two words are written together could mean or even state an opposite meaning or unintended phrases. For instance, the URL can be taken as both ’basketball shopping’ or ‘basketballs hopping’. In order to avoid this confusion, hyphen should be used to separate the words like

Using or not using hyphens comes down to your objective that you want to attain from your domain name (or website). Those who are interested, would like to be contacted and told where to look; and those who are not interested will not pay much heed to your domain irrespective of hyphen or no hyphen.

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