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Frequently Asked Web Hosting Questions

Opting for a high-quality web host is extremely important. Nonetheless, with the entire technological ‘mumbo jumbo’, knowing what to search for can be quite daunting.

To ease this task, following is the list of Frequently Asked questions about Web Hosting.

Question: I do not know what web hosting is. Can you please give details?

Answer: A company that gives you server space for your website is known as a web host company. This incorporates every file linked with your website. As your web address is typed into a browser, the web host shows your pages.

Question: Is it factual that a high-quality web host will charge a huge amount every month?

Answer: There are a number of excellent web hosts that are priced sensibly; they may charge $20 – $50 from you each month for up to 50MB of space according to the company as well as your particular requirements.

Question: I have been thinking about hosting my site with a free hosting company, but I am somewhat worried about their consistency. Can you help me out?

Answer: You should NEVER host an ecommerce website via a free hosting service. These facilities are very untrustworthy and will not be bothered if your site encounters any problem. Basically they are only concerned about their advertisers. As long as their advertisements are functional, they do not think about you or your site.
Besides, sites hosted with free services seem quite amateurish. If you have made some efforts to acquire your own website designed and your personal domain name, why would you put your success in jeopardy by hosting with a free service? This is simply not worth it!

Question: I have been to a large number of hosting companies without any positive outcome and I am totally exhausted. I have no clue what company to opt for. Can you please let me know what I should check in a good host?

Answer: Finding an excellent hosting company can prove to be a nerve-racking procedure. Your primary concern should be the company itself.
• Do they provide fast connections?
• Do they include a back-up arrangement to guard your information in case of a power outage?
• Do they want you to pay beforehand?
• Do they asking for a long-term agreement?
• Do they ask for ‘set up’ charges?
• Test their customer support. How do they answered and reacted to your query?
• Do they offer you free access to a safe server for processing of your order?
• Do they have facility shopping cart software for order processing?
• Do they give you an online Web Site Manager?
• Do they offer you an online assistance guide?
You should also try to get some references by talking to their previous or existing clients and knowing whether they are satisfied with the services or not.
Following are some essential aspects you should consider when opting for a web host:
1) 24/7 consistent tech assistance
2) Your unique domain name, such as, ‘’.
3) Not less than 10GB of transfer per month (traffic)
4) At least of 20MB – 50MB of server space
5) Unrestricted actual POP email accounts (for example, ‘[email protected]’)
6) Unrestricted email aliases
7) Facility for email forwarding
8 – Unrestricted auto-responders
9) Your personal unlimited CGI-Bin
10) Facility of SSL Encryption for ensure safe transactions
11) Designing as well as uploading your site by means of Netscape or other HTML editing software
12) Perl
13) Unrestricted complimentary access to your server via FTP/Telnet
14) Server Side Includes (SSI) assistance
15) MySQL Database
16) Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions if you are using FrontPage
17) htaccess password protection
18) Trouble-free access to your log records
19) Data regarding visits to your site
20) Referral plan
When opting for a web host, you should see the complete picture before coming to any decision. You may discover a host that takes $5.00 – $15.00 monthly for hosting your site, however, their technical assistance may be substandard, or your web site may crash a lot.
A lesser monthly fee may seem attractive, but think about how much it cost you to lose sales! Definitely a lot more than you actually save.

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