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Everything about Dedicated Web Hosting

Except that it is clearly listed, nearly all web hosting packages you will find during your search are known as shared hosting providers – not dedicated hosting providers. This indicates that the server(s) that host your website are concurrently hosting several other websites as well. Due to this, you have an economical rate on web hosting services, at the cost of some technological restrictions, such as bandwidth, upload and download speeds, privacy, traffic, security and perhaps the most distinguished restraint – the complete power.

If you would like to have complete power not merely on the management of your website but on the hardware/software as well, then you must opt for dedicated hosting providers. If your business is big enough or developing quickly then it needs its individual internet connection as well as server, you may require a dedicated hosting company or dedicated servers.

What is the negative aspect of opting for dedicated hosting companies? It is responsibility! In almost all fields of life, with overall power also comes overall responsibility, and it is no different in case of dedicated hosting companies. When using dedicated servers, the responsibility is on you to purchase, set up, and retain the genuine paraphernalia – the dedicated servers – fixed in the dedicated hosting provider’s data center.

Luckily, you still obtain the advantage of the dedicated hosting provider‘s apparently first-rate, uninterrupted protection via the dedicated servers’ actual location; however, you will be completely accountable for the protection of your cyber-location. Similarly, dedicated hosting companies will guarantee that the dedicated servers within that location are all offered with superfluous uninterruptible and backup power in addition to environmental powers; however, it is you who should maintain your equipment as well as cables and check working within this idyll setting.

How do you find out whether it is time to leave a shared hosting provider and opt for a dedicated hosting provider? Well, there are three key signs:


If the streaming is slowing down your visitors’ speed while they browse through your site, it may be the time to seek additionally imaginative shared hosting. However, if you have checked quite a lot of shared hosting companies with the identical outcomes, then it may be time to realize that how annoyed the standard web surfer is and think about dedicated severs or a dedicated hosting company. At the same time as you are switching from shared host, your clients are also jumping ship. Your capability to react quickly as well as efficiently to customer dealings and queries cannot be overstressed as well.


The restrictions to your power are nowhere clearer than within the fields of consistency as well as safety. It is not just that issues can take place: issues do take place; and if you don’t have unrestricted access to your personal OS as with dedicated hosting, dedicated servers, software and database apps, etc., there is not a lot you can do when some problems arises.


If your business is developing quickly, you must be altering several features of your web existence together with it. You may frequently have to squeeze your disk space as well as bandwidth and try out applying special applications to serve your better in shifting requirements. On a shared host, advancement in this way generally involves jumping from one “package” to some other. These packages are usually predetermined and may or may not provide you with your instant requirements. They may be filled with plans you do not yet require. Alternatively, the subsequent switch from your existing plan has a lot more disk space as well as bandwidth than you require now. With dedicated servers and a dedicated hosting package, you can make alterations incrementally, whenever you need.

All in all, it is the size and growth rate of your company that will decide whether you require a shared or a dedicated hosting provider. Affordability as well as individual time obligation is good but less important factor. However, if your business is flourishing, it will not be wise to attempt and save on a couple of bucks and/or some additional hours every week of your time at the expense of slower service for your clients.

In the same way, if your business is small enough to operate efficiently on any of the shared hosting providers, do not waste your valuable funds on a dedicated hosting package just to have comalete control!

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