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Front Page Web Hosting Basics

FrontPage web hosting has taken place from the accomplishment and recognition of Microsoft FrontPage.

FrontPage is a software program that assists the user in developing dynamic, interactive web pages without any knowledge of HTML or other web programming scripts. This ‘easy to use’ ‘point-and-click’ model functioned around a clear-cut What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) display, is well-known to the majority of users of other products within the Microsoft office suite.

Keeping in view FrontPage’s fame, a number of market-savvy web hosts currently present FrontPage hosting as an all-inclusive package. A number of businesses are even opting to concentrate on FrontPage hosting.

For the comparatively more sophisticated user, FrontPage permits you to develop your site in HTML and view as well as alter the HTML code created automatically, synchronized with the point-and-click technique. For the comparatively less advanced user, FrontPage as well offers a number of templates of web pages with different styles and sizes, to match different requirements, from enjoyment to business.

The main advantage to applying a FrontPage web hosting service for your site instead of any other common web host is that a FrontPage web hosting provider has functional FrontPage extensions, which let you to avoid the awkward, mediator phase of utilizing a third party FTP client to publish your site.

This feature on its own makes it worthy of considering FrontPage and a FrontPage hosting provider for your entire web-presence requirements, as you carry on to gather the advantages each time you renew your site and save 5 or 10 minutes of needless effort.

The next advantage to selecting a FrontPage web hosting company for your FrontPage website(s) is that there are several tempting FrontPage features that are merely available by a server with FrontPage extensions enabled.

If you thinking about using any of the following on your FrontPage website, you are required to select a FrontPage web hosting provider, particularly:

  • Hit counter – for keeping a record of visitors visiting some specific site’s pages
  • Forms – for transmitting information filled to an email address or a folder
  • Online Discussion Board – for sending as well as showing remarks submitted by visitors of the site
  • Search – for more comprehensive search facility
  • Multi-user authoring – for letting two or more programmers to work simultaneously, developing as well as updating pages of the site

Distant authoring as well as management – for allowing approved users to carry out managerial as well as editorial tasks from any PC connected to the web.

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