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There is a general misunderstanding that simply because you have a Windows operating system on your desktop, you are required to utilize a windows hosting provider for your web existence. The two are not linked! Simply as your personal computer needs an operating system, which is more than possible an edition of Microsoft Windows, so does the web server. Microsoft only happens to develop one of those also – windows web hosting.

Despite the fact that the operating system on your desktop is not an influential aspect, there are a number of instances where a windows web hosting provider is considered necessary. For instance, if you apply .NET script to develop your website, you should have a windows hosting provider. If you apply MS SQL or Microsoft Access databases, you should have a windows hosting provider. If you apply ASP or ASP.NET scripts for server side programming, you should have a windows web hosting provider. On the other hand, if you apply PHP scripts as well as MySQL databases, you may need a Linux host.

Windows hosting provides ASP, ASP.NET, and Access Database assistance, the MS SQL server database, a IIS server, and works well with PHP and MySQL. For the most part, individuals making use of a Windows web hosting server are running Active Server Pages (ASP) tools. Linux, on the other hand, gives a lot better support for Perl scripts along with CGI programs.

If you utilize FrontPage to develop and publish your website, you will get enhanced assistance on a windows hosting provider as compared to a Linux or a Unix based provider – in the same way, if you are thinking of having Windows Streaming Media on your site, or use Visual Interdev. If, alternatively, you look forward to utilize remote interactive access by means of SSH or telnet, you will get support from Linux servers only.

Linux is as well an open source code, instead of a proprietary code similar to Microsoft’s Windows products, which provides it flexibility as well as manipulability that windows hosting does not have. If you like programming adaptive applications, or scouring the net for ground-breaking, free of charge web tools, Linux may be your thing. However, if you would like to depend rather on the know-how and understanding of a stalwart group within an extremely aggressive business, if you would choose efficiently interconnecting, incorporated modules with point-and-click ease in addition to nominal programming understanding on the part of the user, then windows web hosting is most likely for you.

Even though a windows server can be somewhat costly, it has one of the most basic user-interfaces offered, and is consequently a server of choice for fresh and new proprietors. Windows hosting is as well extremely handy as well as compatible with a good number other Microsoft products.

Companies with the most recent windows hosting adaptation provide windows hosting clients a compilation of third party applications known as Web Site Starters custom planned for a Windows environment.

If by any chance your database tools along with web-building tools are from separate platforms (for example, one Linux-based, the other Windows-based) then your primarily step is perhaps to find out which you like better – Linux or Windows web hosting – and swap over any unsuited web software to the appealing platform. General, cross-platform tools give you the maximum flexibility, but mostly with inadequate functionality. It is essential to do a bit of additional research to know which software systems you would like to use, because you will find additional features for your buck with a completely integrated web presence package instead of doing it ‘bit by bit’. In addition, you will have a lot of convenience with the predictable, continuous modernization involved in handling a website

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