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Brief History of 123Reg Web Hosting

General Idea: 123-reg was an essential element of the Webfusion Ltd – one of theUK’s leading webhosts, but is currently an essential element of the Host Europe Group, the main privately directed hosting business withinEurope. The Group as well includes Webfusion, Host Europe, dynamic-net AG, Donhost, SupaNames and Heart Internet, all making big leaps of setting up online as trouble-free and simple as 1, 2, 3!

Why 123-reg web hosting?

  1. Hosted as well as maintained within theUK- Our web hosting servers are insideUK, for improved local search results as well as condensed ping times. Moreover, our support staff is within theUKas well.
  2. We are a large web hosting provider – With millions of clients as well as years of knowledge, we are among theUK’s leading web hosting businesses. That speaks enough for security!
  3. Domain name choice – all web hosting packages incorporates at least one free domain name. You can as well shift or purchase additional domains or utilize domain names you registered somewhere else.
  4. No perplexing data restrictions – different from other hosting businesses, we do not require fake restrictions on how much data you can transmit every month. Use to the degree that you like!

How can I Visit 123Reg Website?

You can visit 123reg website by clicking the following banner.
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