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In simple email hosting is an Internet hosting service that runs email servers so you can register and run your own email @your name @your brand name @ whatever name you want.This allows you to increase productivity and safeguard your organisation, while maintaining the control you need.
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On we have done email hosting reviews for number of web hosting providers. After doing extensive testing on email servers for number of web servers , we found GoDaddy email servers are the best protected by anti-malware and anti-spam filters and supported by 24/7, IT-level multiple channel support. Your business will only benefit from paid email hosting service as compared to free email hosting services for personal use.

After doing extensive email hosting reviews we found Godaddy email servers has the following edge over its competitors.
Corporate-class messaging. Small-business prices. Hosted Exchange Email from
Since you are paying for your email hosting services, Godaddy will take care of all security parameters in order to protect your mail from viruses and malwares.
Godaddy email servers offer you pay as you go on basis i.e. pay right form the fraction of cost to start your personalized email account. At the same time with your designated storage, it enables you to personal archive / back-up these mails for many years ahead.
With your own personalized email account your business being remembered by the prospect.
With Godaddy email services you can check your email on the fly right from desktop computers through to mobile and portable devices. Even can set up calendars, contacts and much more with drag and drop tools.
Stay organized and on track with Group Email from

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