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3 Ways to Go Online And Earn Money

These days people get confused on how to start their website. I have written the following article specifically for community to understand how to start building your website in an instant with a click of buttons . Well to start building your website, earning money online, designing your website you just need 3 things
1) Domain Name

2) Web Hosting

3) Designing a Website

For Domain Names, following are the top 3 domain name providers
1) GoDaddy (as low as from 0.99USD)
2) NameCheap (as low as from 4USD)
3) 1&1 (as low as from 2.99USD)

For Web Hosting Providers, following are the top 3 web Hosting providers
1) iPage (You get Free Domain Name + 500 USD)

2) FatCow (You get Free Domain Name + 400 USD)

3) HostGator (You get 100USD)

For Designing a website, following are the top 3 Content Mangaement Tools
1) WordPress (If you know Microsoft word you can understand wordpress to build your website)
2) Joomla (Simple and easy to use E-commerce based website tool
3) Textpattern

For Earning Money by putting other webstie products, Following are the Top 3 Portals
1) (Millions of programs to earn money from)
2) (Millions of products you can showcase them and earn money)
3) Google Store (Just put google store on your website and earn from Google)

Incase you dont want to put other website products but still want to earn money, Following are the top 3 Ads services.
1) Google Adsense
2) AdBrite
3) Chitika

Want to learn about Internet Marketing techniques and earning money, Following are the top 3 Forums

3 Tools which help you earn money quickly
1) Tweet Adder
2) Word Tracker Keyword Question
3) Long Tail Pro

Hope this article helps you to convert your concept into reality and help you to earn money online in an instant. 

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