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Without a Domain Name – Rank Number One on Google

Following is the trick no body will ever share with you. However if you like to rank on Google Number One with your own keyword just read the following post. Just remember 

Domain Name is one of the biggest factor in SEO

Before starting, do note domain name consists of keyword. For example your keyword is “papa johns promo code”, as this keyword drive thousands of traffic when you check it on Google Keyword Traffic tool. However when you try to get the domain name bsaed on this keyword. You cant find a domain name with dot com or any other good extensions.

So the question is: What should you do if you cant find a domain name with your keyword? Either leave it or use some other strategy to high rank well on Google with the same keyword. 

Well following is the simple solution you can do and come on number one in Google in no time with your own keyword and the best part is its all going to be Free.

Step 1: 
Build a website on some blogging websites and register your domain name there like

Step 2:
Build your social media pages with your domain name
on document slidesharing websites 

Step 3:
Lastly now just start regulary posting.

You will be ranked on Google Number One easily because your website or blog page (domain name) is already 
a) Built on one of the biggest authority website (such as has a page rank 8)
b) Your social media pages will also be ranked up high because they are also on the big authority websites

The key is just make your pages against your exact Keyword. Start earning money with this technique. 

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