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Which type of web hosting is suitable for your business

There are various types of web hosting services available to host your website. Before signing up for web hosting services, it is important to understand what kind of service your website needs, the kind of server you or your business needs, your budget, and what type of services the web host offers.

Free Website Hosting

This is a web hosting usually suitable for students who don’t want to spend anything online. On this type of web hosting you often see in ads, this site is quite limited in front of paid services. Get Free Web Hosting

Shared Website Hosting

This is the most cheapest and common types of web hosting suitable for small businesses. For only under $2 a month you get loads of freebies such as Free Domain Name, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Diskspace, Free marketing credits to kick start your online business on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc… Get Shared Web Hosting

Reseller Website Hosting

By buying a reseller service, people can provide web hosting services themselves. Reseller accounts can vary and can go from small virtual servers to a fully dedicated server. Get Reseller Web Hosting

VPS Website Hosting

The acronym for Virtual Private Server, this type of hosting divides server resources into virtual ones, where resources can be placed in a way that doesn’t reflect the primal hardware. The reason for creating a VPS service is to save storage space and provide a greener service as well. Users can obtain root access to their own virtual space and sometimes obtain responsibility over the maintenance of the server. Get VPS Web Hosting

Dedicated Website Hosting

By purchasing a dedicated web hosting for your business, you actually own your server with total control over it (root access for Linux/administrator access for Windows); this does not imply that the user actually owns the server. This service is probably the most powerful hosting services and the one utilized by many companies around the world. Get Dedicated Web Hosting

Managed Websie Hosting

This is the form of leasing as user own server on leasing, but without full control over it, though he can administrate data through FTP or other remote management tools. The reason why the user does not receive full control is for the provider to guarantee a quality service by preventing the user from causing configuration problems.. Get Managed Web Hosting

Colocation Website Hosting

Super powerful and expensive type of web hosting where the company provides the physical space for the server, though the company provides almost no support to the client’s machine and limits its function to providing the electrical, internet access and storage facilities for the server. On this service the client is responsible to bear all costs from hardware upgrades to maintenance. Get Colocation Web Hosting

Cloud Website Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest and newest form of web hosting, it offers customer a powerful, scalable and reliable hosting service based on a group of load- balanced servers and utility billing. Get Cloud Web Hosting

Clustered Web Hosting

This service offers having several servers hosting the same content for a better resource usage. Purchasing this service is excellent for high- availability dedicated hosting or developing a scalable web hosting solution. Usually Web hosts use Clustered Hosting for their Shared hosting plans, as there are multiple benefits to the mass managing of clients. Get Clustered Web Hosting

Grid Website Hosting

In simple Grid Web Hosting means the web space is located at multiple machines “virtual machine” which is hosted on a group of several servers (just like a grid). Get Grid Web Hosting

Blog Website Hosting

Blog website hostings are getting very popular as it offers single-click-installation scripts for the main CMS such as WordPress and Joomla, multiple email accounts and several IP addresses for SEO purposes.. Its easy to setup and user can build a website instantly. Get Blog Web Hosting

Forum Website Hosting

Forum hosting is also common for users who wants to run their own community forum for discussion etc.. By Get Forum Web Hosting

Linux Website Hosting

If you’re planning to use PHP, Perl or MySQL languages, then Linux is the best choice for you. Linux is also the best choice for places that utilize newsletter or data sheet formats, Linux offers great performance for sites that provide interaction through enquiry forms, e-commerce and similar things. Get Linux Web Hosting

Windows Website Hosting

This hosting service is good for incorporating Microsoft® applications in your site such as ASP®. If you are looking for database facilities on your site, then Windows® hosting is your choice. Get Windows Web Hosting

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