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Switching from one host to another is always a problematic task specially when you are not technically geek. Many people get stuck with bad hosting just because they don’t want to go through the pain of moving their website, pages, blog, forum, data etc. from one BAD hosting to a Better one. However if you follow following steps you can easily move your data from host to another host in no time. By no time we mean no downtime.
a) Find a new host – to check out top of the top web hosting provider, click here
b) Make a Plan – Study both hosting provider, their features etc.(old and new service providers)
c) Get login detail of new web hosting provider where you are going to move your data. Login details are Panel username/password, database username/password , FTP details etc.
d) Now before moving your data to new host – first back up your data 100% and save it locally on your stem. Do note while you moving your data from old host to new host do not cancel your contact with old service provider, and do not tell them as by telling them can create complexities or they could terminate your site early and cause downtime.
e) At this time you have new hosting provider, login details of new hosting provider, you got backup of your data. Now its time to move your enite site, data from old host to new one. This can be done easily through FTP. Just connect to old hosting FTP and download all files. Then connect to new Hosts FTP and upload all your files in respective folder. Try to create a folder structure same as you have for the old one.
f) Once your files are moved successfully now you change your DNS settings.Click the following links to learn more
What is Domain DNS
How to change DNS settings.
g) Once you have updated your DNS settings now wait for 48 hours , the time can vary from 4 hours to 48 hours depending on the service provider. If you purchased new domain name for your host you usually will need to ask them change the DNS setting for you. You can ask them some like as follows
“Hi my domain with you is ____ my username is ___ and my password _____ please change my domain names dns to and
h) Once the two days period will be passed your site will be loading from the new host. This thing you can see until you login to your Domain Central panel ( or from where you bought the domain name) . Check the DNS setting you will notice your DNS are changed from OLD dns settings to new ones.
i) As your site had no downtime, now login to your old service provider account and delete all files at the (old )account and cancel your services with them.
Switching your website, data, pages, blog, forum details from one service provider to new service provider is not a difficult task as it sounds.
Now its time for us to sum up above mentioned points

a) Take your time to find a new host
b) Make a Plan i.e. reading features of new web host
c) Get login details of new host
d) Backup your data from old host
e) Move your backup data from old host to new host
f) Now change the DNS settings of your domain name
g) Wait 48 hours
h) Confirm your DNS settings are changed to new one
i) Login to Old Web hosting panel – delete all files (this step is optional – if you have a super secret data)
j) Celebrate now as you have successfully switched hosts, with no downtime at all!

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