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How to Set DNS Settings

Setting DNS names are not a difficult task, it’s like a , b, c and your DONE. To set DNS settings you can do this task by multiple options
a) Ask your web hosting provider to do the settings for you
b) Or just login to your domain panel and do the desired settings yourselve.
In the following example we are just giving an overview of how to change the DNS setting without specially mentioning any web-hoster name i.e Godaddy or Yahoo business hosting etc. so you can have better understanding.
To set your DNS settings just follow simple steps
a) Access to Domain Central panel by typing the URL of your web-hosting provider website
b) Sign in with your ID and password, you’ll be prompted to do so
c) Once signed in, you will see multiple modules.
d) Go to Domain Control Panel or Domain Central panel (this name can vary) – However just go to Domain Panel
e) Somewhere on your Domain Panel go to the specific domain for which you want to change the DNS settings – if you have multiple domains.
f) Enter the DNS IP address
DNS usually looks like this:
NS1= Primary Name Server NS2= Secondary Name Server
123host = Server address of your webhosting provider
g) Explaining the above point little more, Replace the primary and secondary name server host names with those of your new domain name host.
h) Click the “Submit” or “Done” button.
i) You are DONE.

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