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What is Bandwidth in Web-Hosting?

Bandwidth in Web Hosting is the amount of traffic allowed to consume between your website and your visitors visiting your website. Let’s describe it more. Your website for e.g will be browsed by the visitors all around the globe. Let’s say a visitor is going to visit the page of your website. Each time when he/she visits your website this will consume the traffic of server. As the webpage he/she visited is going to download to his/her computer and then being displayed using web browser. If the size of webpage is 20KB then 20KB of bandwidth consumed of your server from your webhosting account. In other words if that page will be visited by 1000 times, 20,000KB or 20MB of the bandwidth will be consumed. To calculate how much monthly bandwidth will be required or needed. Here’s a simple formula to calculate this:

Monthly Average Bandwidth= Expected Total Monthly Page Views * Average Page Size

Total monthly page views multiplied by average page size will give you the required monthly average bandwidth. You can save your bandwidth of web hosting account by three ways.

Keeping pages size as small as possible
Using images that will not be stored on your website
Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Do note these days top web hosting providers offers unlimited bandwidth with any hosting package you purchase from them.

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