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Why Changing Website from HTTP to HTTPS

Security is one of the biggest issue on the internet since NSA employee, Edward Snowden, disclosed classified information to the media about global surveillance programs. Since then, loads of restrictions are being put in place by small businesses to large corporates.

The widespread Heartbleed security bug that plagued the Internet earlier this year leaves no room for doubt about the need for all website owners to pay attention to the security needs of their users. If you never been assured about your website visitors, that your site is secure, now is the best time to start implementing the necessary steps to convert websites from HTTP to HTTPS and embed SSL digital certification.


Websites are built on a common application protocol for communication called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for displaying the web pages (website) to the internet audience. To make the HTTP more secure “S” is added to HTTP and convert it to HTTPS for making the website more secure to make it more reliable, secure from eavesdropping and other hacking attempts and attacks.


HTTPS is given by various digital certificate authorities. Visitors to web pages that uses HTTPS are encouraged to confirm that the site has a valid certificate that is issued and signed by a trusted certificate authority and that the certificate correctly identifies the viewed website.

Top Digital Certificate Authorities

Following are the top digital certificate authorities which convert HTTP website to HTTPS.

  1. The SSL Store
  2. Certs 4 Less
  3. Trustico

How to move HTTP to HTTPS

Following are the companies which offer your certificates and convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS at a very low rate.
The SSL Store
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Certs 4 Less
EV SSL Certificate From Certs 4 Less


Benefits of Switching HTTP to HTTPS

  1. Google loves HTTPS, as its official now by Google too (HTTPS is now being used as a ranking signal)
  2. Yahoo switches HTTP to HTTPS too (Yahoo announced its commitment to protecting user information)
  3. To rank on top of search engines you must now switch your website from HTTP to HTTPS.


Like many ranking signals that Google adopts, webmasters are not given much choice in deciding whether or not to respond by making the appropriate adjustments. It’s only a matter of time before you’re going to need to display a digital certificate on your website.

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