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5 Web Hosting Tips Every New Blogger Should Know

Web hosting is an essential product to buy in order to start a blog. Every newbie blogger should know about buying the web hosting and choosing the right one for his/her blog. The newbie bloggers are excited about starting up, so whenever they plan their blogs to start their blogging career, all they want is to get a discount code for a web hosting to start over.

What they don’t know is that the web hosting is the most important element of the blog’s success. That being said, there are some vital elements which guarantee your blog’s success or failure such as a quality of content, readers engagement, and social media sharing.

An average blogger looks to find the cheapest web hosting because he is afraid of investing money in something he hasn’t practiced or practically done yet. The point he doesn’t know is that you need to use the premium products in order to be professional. Premium products mean paid and high-quality products such as a web hosting, domain registrar, web templates etc.

In this article, you will find out 5 important tips about buying the web hosting service, and especially the newbie bloggers will learn that what are the factors behind their blog articles and theme which will help the blog in growing at the faster pace:

  1. Don’t Prefer Cheap Web hosting

You might come across some discount coupon from a cheap web hosting company or you may find some web hosting company selling a low price web hosting using sales and promotions to attract the customers, in either way, it shows that the offers lack quality and perfection.

One of the few tips for a blogger is to never host a blog on a cheap web hosting service because such services are not worth it. No one can guarantee the effectiveness of the service. There could a list of problems such as no backup of data, no vulnerability protection, slow service, and cheap server hardware which could cause you trouble.

  1. Don’t Install Auto Scripts from Cpanel

One of the tips every problogger might give you is that do not go for shortcuts in the blogging. One of those shortcuts is the installation of the WordPress blog using the auto-installation option on the web hosting Cpanel because what it does is, it just creates a quick installation of the required CMS with a pre-defined script and it remains a bit different from the manual installation, so whenever you go for a backup and re-uploading the site (on another web hosting server), it never remains the same because it was installed using the web server script from the previous hosting.

Always install the CMS like WordPress using the manual uploading and installation.

  1. Don’t Get a Free Domain with Hosting

Another important tip to be conveyed to the newbie bloggers would be about the purchase of a domain name. It won’t be a good idea because you might want to change your web hosting in the future and if it is associated with your hosting account and especially in a free domain offer, it could be a hectic procedure to renew the domain and actually move it to another platform. Use independent domain registrars like Godaddy and Namecheap.

  1. Always Read the Reviews before Buying

Whenever you check up on the track record of the product you’re about to buy, it helps to understand the public opinion or customer feedback about that product. The online reviews help us to analyze the product. Not only does it help us to find out about that product, it also helps us to find the relevant products too.

Another benefit of reading the reviews is that you get to read the experts’ views on the specific product, which could be essentially helpful in the process. Many of the experts who write reviews on the services/products, they write it after closely analyzing or testing it themselves, so their reviews are considered credible.

  1. Check Web Server Type before Buying

One of the key items to check before you sign up to the web hosting service is to make sure that you’re buying the right server type. Normally, you will see two types of web servers which will be Windows and Linux based servers. In order to run PHP or PHP-based WordPress, you have to buy the Linux-based web hosting account, and if you want to run an based site, then should  go for a Windows web hosting account.

Nevertheless, you will find people blindly buying the linux web hosting and many of the web hosting services offer only linux based servers, VPS plans, and shared web hosting.


Web hosting is an important step in order to start a blog or website. Bloggers evolve with the passage of time, and it’s extremely important for bloggers to understand the difference between the recommended and optional choices.

These five tips would help you to get better with your blogging because you would somehow be able to get a little more professional after taking care of these things.

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