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5 Best Features of a Reliable Web Hosting Service

A professional blogger or webmaster always prefer a reliable web hosting service. It may cost double as far as pricing is concerned but when it comes to the quality and effectiveness, the professional bloggers and webmasters don’t compromise on that.

Whether you’re about to start a business website or looking to launch a blog, there is no doubt on the quality of the web hosting service, which is why it is important for every webmaster and blogger to use a reliable, recommended, and high-quality web hosting.

What makes a web hosting service reliable?

You probably think that these two things will make any web hosting reliable:

  • Page loading speed
  • High Prices

Well, it’s not necessarily true that an expensive web hosting is always a reliable web hosting to buy, which is why we thought to share some features of a web hosting service which make any hosting service reliable and recommended.

You might not realize these features on your own — In fact, you didn’t realize in the past. We did because we use and prefer a high-quality web hosting service. When you find your site is loading fine, you don’t see any downtime, and the emailing works okay, the next thing you think is that this web hosting is quite good to use. If that is the case, then these 5 features may change your point of view.

Take a look at the 5 features of a Reliable Web Hosting:

Partners Integration

Have you ever heard about a web hosting relation to its partners?

You probably never heard of that. Such integrations into web hosting are part of the strategy. The web hosting services want to give value-added services to their customers so that they can market the value they are providing to the customers. Partners Integration is actually the additional services which a web hosting company provides to the customer with the purchase of the hosting service.

For instance, many web hosting services have partnerships with the companies like Shopsite, Justcloud, Yext, oDesk, Mojo Marketplace, Bing ads and more.

Live Chat

Another great feature of a high-quality and reliable web hosting is the live chat available for the customers and prospects in order to serve them. It can be used for both pre-sale and after-sale services. The purpose of the live chat is by taking the customer service to the next level. Many web hosting services offer live chat in their customer support system just to prove that they care about customer support and they believe in the prompt action on the customers and prospects’ queries.

There is no doubt that live chat helps the customers and prospects in order to start the communication and finding the relevant information.

Promotional Coupons

Promotion coupons are normally created and offered to attract the customers to sign up. There are two cases, although, the ultimate goal is the same in either case, the pathway could be a little different. The web hosting companies could offer their sales and promotional campaigns on different occasions and they can give away or distribute their discount coupons or they may offer other relative companies’ discount coupons.

For example, it could be Adwords credit, Facebook ads credit, and discount coupons of different services.

Better Uptime

The website uptime is an essential element of measuring any web hosting quality. You may be able to track the performance and uptime of the web hosting through Pingdom alert or Jet Pack Service on WordPress. The uptime analysis is normally done after the purchase when you have the websites online under your radar, but if you want to analyze the uptime of the site you don’t own, then you check put the alert through pingdom on that website/blog.

File Management Services

The file management services do not mean just the file manager option to upload and manage the files. File management includes a file manager, site backup, ftp manager, disk space usage, file count etc.

These file management services are certainly a great collection of features which should be in your web hosting account. Every reliable and high-quality web hosting service has these file management services in the Cpanel for the users.


The idea is that if you are paying hundreds of dollars every year for your web hosting, it doesn’t guarantee that you are using the best web hosting service in the world… You will be able to use the reliable and best web hosting service if you know exactly what makes a web hosting reliable and remarkable in order to host the site successfully.

These features are not good enough to ensure the reliability of a web host.

In fact, these are just five of the many features which need to be seen in order to identify a high-quality and reliable web hosting service.

What else would you see in your web hosting?

Top Reliable Web Hosting Service Providers

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