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How to Pick the Web Hosting for Your Blog

Are you looking to start your blog?

Starting a blog is an exciting thing. Besides that, it’s quite necessary to understand what it takes to make a professional start. Top bloggers and online marketing experts keep sharing their helpful tips in order to help others and to make sure that newcomers don’t repeat the mistakes that they had done in the past.

The selection of the web hosting is a serious business. You can’t just ignore the fact that web hosting is the most important factor of the blog’s success… which means you can’t just google about a web hosting service and land on a random web hosting company’s website and buy that web hosting service.

You have to have a solid belief that you’re going into the right direction. You can’t just buy a random web hosting service and make yourself off the hook from that responsibility. The web hosting will play a key role in your blog’s success.

3 Reasons Why Web hosting Matters

  1. Search Engine Ranking
    The web hosting quality has a big role in the search engine ranking. A low-quality web hosting which restricts your blog to load faster would affect your search engine ranking. Always consider a high-quality web hosting for your blog or website.
  2. User-experience
    User experience involves how the user finds any specific service/product. If a web hosting causes any trouble for the blog/website, it would definitely be rated low by the user. In addition to that, the readership of the blog would also be compelled to leave the blog.
  3. Site Performance
    Site loading, availability, and uptime are the factors that play a vital role in the site performance. A reliable and high-quality web hosting service certainly improves the site performance.

There is no doubt on the preference of using the best web hosting service for a blog. In order to pick the best web hosting for your blog, there are certain ways to get through. A new customer has to follow these ways to make a better buying decision for web hosting:

Read the Reviews

Reviews could play an essential role in the decision making. The web hosting reviews written by the credible blogs are always considered valuable and in-depth because they have a great number of followers who trust their opinions which makes those blogs more efficient to analyze the products. Before picking up the web hosting, everyone must consider reading some of the web hosting reviews in order to find the common positive and negative points written by those review writers.

Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations won’t be a bad idea. Ask the fellow bloggers, webmasters, and online marketers about their web hosting services. Normally, either it is mentioned on their blog footers or they have promotional banners on their sidebars. Experts would promote the only web hosting service they are personally using. If you don’t get replies from those experts and top bloggers about web hosting recommendations, then you should give their blogs a look.

Analyze the Pricing

It’s true that pricing can’t be ignored. The fact remains important that a customer wants to get better against the money being spent. When a customer wants to pick up the web hosting from a considerable number of web hosting companies, there might be a variety of things that a customer wants to see such as addon domains, sub-domains, email accounts, ftp accounts, availability of cpanel, but above of all comes pricing. A new customer might prefer the web hosting with everything good including the best price. So, if you’re about to pick your web hosting, you should definitely analyze what features and benefits you are getting in the package.

Spy on the Competitors

Spying on the competitors doesn’t always have to be about keywords and search engine ranking. You should also spy on the competitors regarding their web hosting service. If you are searching for a better web host, then other guys (competitors) might have chosen someone before you.

All you have to do is visit their blogs and find out which web hosting service they are using. Use services like Check-Host to detect the competitors’ web hosting services

Check up on the Resources

Once you shortlist the web hosting companies in terms of best pricing and recommendations, make sure that you check up on the resources of the web hosting services. The web hosting service should not have a restriction on the number of sites, email accounts, and especially on the amount of bandwidth. Any reliable and well reputed web hosting company won’t be making such an offering in order to compete against the competition. Plus, there are many additional features which may help any web hosting service to attract the customers such as Google Ads credit, Google Apps discount, and Cpanel features to manage the account.


The ways mentioned in this article would surely help you in picking up the web hosting for your blog. It doesn’t matter what the price is, there are many other factors other than pricing which may play a vital role in the buying decision of the web hosting service.

What would you analyze while picking up the web hosting for your blog?

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