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Why Web Hosting Service is Needed in 2016 than Ever Before

If you are the one who is willing to develop a website and upload/publish it on the internet, then you are going to need a Web hosting service – and that too a good one!

Why Being In Web Hosting Will Be Promising?

1- Web Hosting – Powering Internet
Have you ever wondered who’s having ‘behind the scenes’ of iTunes Application Store, Android, Xbox Live, Google Maps? Well, this is where we bump into web hosting; the one common thing among the above mentioned is data centers and web hosting companies.
2- Explosive Industry It Is
When you set a foot in this industry of web hosting, you will see innovations happen every day. Popular innovations are green hosting, virtualization, new automated managed hosting services, new server architectures, plus new software that is going to harness all this power.
3- Carries a Solid Business Model
Compared to the typical web2.0 startup, a web host has a rock-solid business model, with a really good revenue generation power. The basic thing a company needs is money and the web hosting companies have it, promising a sustainable future with a better tomorrow regardless of economic conditions.
4- Covers all Technology Fields Unlike Other Tech Companies
A web hosting company works on multiple kinds of software, design & engineer data centers and their architecture, work with telecommunications providers, implement operations, etc helping you broaden your horizons.
5- One Word – Challenging
When you are running a web hosting service, you come across software development, hardware management, customer support and then the dealing with external vendors and partners. And last but not the least, marketing. So in a way, a challenge awaits you at every step of web hosting.
6- It’s Rewarding
It is indeed a satisfaction and a sense of victory when a customer develops his trust on us (web hosting service) or when we observe any of our clients getting world-wide fame. Not only this, web hosting also happens to be one of the rare tech industries where companies get public (IWB, or RAX) and founders are rewarded for their risks taken.
7- Every Person Is a Web Host
It’s not rare to see 16 year old kids getting a server, and try to resell shared hosting. There are simple things that can be setup easily, and then you can work up in the value chain, as time goes. Web hosting has the same beauty as running, in athletics. Any kid can do it, and you have then the opportunity to become a champion through learning & practice.
8- Exposure To Multiple Languages
The best part of web hosting is exposure to multiple languages. iWeb has customers in more than 140 different countries, in every continent of this globe. What a great deal it is to be a part of a challenging industry! And that too from customers across the globe!
9 – Entertainment
Most web hosting companies blogs such as iweb’s, or bluefur’s have a fun factor in common: taking things lightly. Success in industry comes with innovation, entrepreneurship, flexibility and results. This makes the workplace energetic and fun.

In A Nutshell

Seeing the above reasons for web hosting, it is highly recommended to set a foot in this industry but not only for software and hardware development, but also to broaden your horizons and taking a step to a better tomorrow.

Best Cheap Web hosting Providers of 2016

Here are top 10 Best Cheap Web hosting Providers of 2016

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WebHost4Life Web Hosting

Inmotion Web Hosting
1&1 Web Hosting
Arvixe Web Hosting
Green Geeks Web Hosting
Host Papa Web Hosting

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