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What is Long Tail Pro?

Tech world is full of keyword research softwares but few of them take the lead in the market and Long Tail Pro happens to be one of those few. It was developed by Spencer Haws and was released in January 2013. Long Tail Pro is complete competitor analysis and keyword research software that helps you at each and every step. It provides you with the perfect keywords and their analysis so you can nail that competition out there in the tech world. When you have exhausted all your powers on SEO and still not getting the right thing, then may be its time to give LTP a go!
Long Tail Pro

Let’s take a look at what LTP can do for us:

1- Takes Multiple Keywords
It takes in multiple keywords and generates around 800 results in a single go at the speed you cannot even imagine.

2- Effectiveness of a Keyword? LTP Is Here
Deciding an effective and a high scoring keyword is definitely one of the most important things that plays hard on bloggers and marketers. But with LTP in hand, this seems to be resolved because LTP promises the most awesome feature that’s known as ‘Calculate Keyword Competitiveness’, but it requires extra $27 for platinum version – and those $27 are worth paying for!
It provides analysis about the keyword being in the title, the competitors’ page ranks, the backlinks they build, the effectiveness – hence giving you a score that’s called keyword competitiveness score. It calculates the score on a scale of 0 to 100.

3- Preset Filers
This handy software comes with the options to preset filters like length of keywords helping you to include or exclude things in your search results. For instance, you can set keywords with minimum or maximum number of searches.



4- Checks Your Rankings
Long Tail Pro also comes with the feature of checking your page rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for the targeted keyword.

5- Other Useful Feature:
There is a ‘Fetch Additional Data’ feature to help the keyword generation get better. This feature collects important information regarding the availability of domain; also, it includes EMD along with the hyphenated domains for Tip Level Domains.

6- Trial Version
You can always have a ten-day free trial of LTP to check out its functioning and efficiency.

7- Compatibility
It does a great job when working on Windows and Mac. Moreover, it allows the installation in three computers with just one license. However, Adobe Air is required to download this software. Adobe Air is easily available online.

What is the price of Long Tail pro?

Long Tail Platinum version offers a monthly plan for $47. You can visit the long tail pro by clicking here..

How can I view long Tail pro in Action.

Following are few snapshots of Long tail pro tool in action.

Long_Tail_Pro_Image1 Long_Tail_Pro_Image2 Long_Tail_Pro_Image3 Long_Tail_Pro_Image4 Long_Tail_Pro_Image5


To sum it all up, the Long Tail Pro is the software providing best help in keyword search hence allowing the user to generate hundreds of keywords. Moreover, it is equipped with finding EMD domains. The features you see are crystal clear and extremely beneficial and the price isn’t too bad if you are getting too much in just $47, although it is best to keep checking their website for latest pricing and updates. For more details, visit Long Tail Pro.
Long Tail Pro

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