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What is GSA Email Spider

GSA Email Spider is a software that helps you extract email addresses, fax and phone numbers from your desired website. This extracted data can help you in email marketing as well as in contacting several organizations for marketing purposes.

GSA Email Spider Audience:

Now the GSA being briefly introduced, let’s move onto the audience who can enjoy the use of this software:

  1. Bloggers can use this software for improving or generating traffic from email marketing.
  2. Marketers/Manufacturers can use it to improve their product line.
  3. Businessmen can use it to promote business leads.

GSA Email Spider Working:

So GSA Email Spider comes with two options to work with

  1. Either you feed the program with a list of your targeted keywords along with choosing your desired search engines; in return, the program will find the respective keyword, get the search results and will eventually crawl the websites bringing back email, fax numbers and phone numbers to you.
  2. Or you can feed the program a list of directories or websites you want to use for getting the emails and numbers from and here is GSA Email Spider bringing back the awesome results for you!

Features of GSA Email Spider:

  1. Data Extraction: Extracts email addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers from the websites.
  2. Auto Mailer: After it collects email addresses, it sends emails to extracted email addresses. Here’s a small job on your part: a mailer is to be created that the program should send; also feed in the SMTP details.
  3. Fake email detection: Detects and removes the fake email addresses.
  4. Protected email detection: Uses JavaScript to search protected email addresses.
  5. Enriched data collection: Selects data more than just email phone and fax. It also helps collect page titles, keywords, description, country, domain and much more.
  6. Country based Search Engines: Gives the options to search from different search engines depending on country to help find email addresses across the globe.
  7. Targeted email collection: Provides options to update your settings in order to get targeted email addresses.
  8. Private Proxy Option: Provides options to set private proxies so that program can perform better.
  9. Light and fast: Offers fast processing.
  10. Support: Company provides regular support.


It costs $99 for lifetime license, regular updates inclusive.

Free Trial of GSA Email Spider & How to Access it

Free trial of GSA Email Spider is available at the GSA Email Spider. Note that this version comes with Limited features.

Is it easy to use GSA Email Spider

yes its very easy to use this tool, check out the following snapshots from the actual tool.

GSA Email Spider

GSA Email Spider

GSA Email Spider - Image2 GSA Email Spider - Image3 GSA Email Spider - Image4 GSA Email Spider - Image5

Hence, to sum it all, through this tool, people have really had advantage by scraping hundreds of emails (and using them wisely) for promotion of their services. This tool can do wonders if you use it wisely!

Last but not the least, CAN-SPAM Act of 2003(USA) strictly prohibits sending messages to harvested email IDs and the emails collected through this program are harvested, so if you happen to live in the territory that declares this law, then better not use it.

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