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Create Your Own Free Website: Wealthy Affiliate – Simplifying Your Complications

Having Troubles Creating A Free Website?

Wanting to create your own website is not a big thing – there are many of you who wouldn’t fancy trusting a developer to create and put forward a website whose idea actually resides in your brain, and if there’s a budget constraint then surely accommodating the developer’s fee would be an extra expenditure too.

So how to develop a website keeping these things aside? Well the answer is quite simple – building a WordPress website is not a big deal anymore in this day and age! Just a 4-step process and you are good to go!

Can’t Wait To Get Started? Storm Through Steps!

If you are really in a hurry to make your website stand up on its feet, then storm through the following steps to establish a website in minutes; all you have to do afterwards is to enrich the web with great content. The important steps include feeding in the domain name and the name of your website to the website builder, the rest of the work is done by the website builder itself which includes technical coding – two popular website buiders are Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s Get You Through

First things first – sign up for Free Membership to Wealthy Affiliate providing username, password and a brief bio for your profile.

create your own free website

Then there awaits a small free training program which includes some reading material and a couple of videos. Once you’ve done that, you are allowed to create 2 free websites!

Now once you are on the Wealth Affiliate Training Community page, search for “Build My Website” button. A click on it will lead you to a new screen displaying the “Create a New Website” button.

Okay so now, you need to be careful going through steps mentioned below:

STEP 1: Click on “A Free Website”. Once you have spotted the button, enter a domain name in the text area to check if the domain name is available or take.

free website

STEP 2: Type in the Name of your website. Note that the name of your website will appear at the top of every page of your website so it should be grammatically perfect.

However, you always have the option of changing your website name later unlike your domain name.

STEP 3: A theme template is basically a layout of your furnished website with pictures and content in it. So this step calls out for selecting a WordPress theme template. There are around 12 different themes available which you can choose from for your free website. As for premium websites, you get 1000+ themes to choose from.

STEP 4: So finishing the steps here when you click the “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!”  button and within 30 seconds, you will have your programmed website up and running and that too with installed plugins, website performance and security options!


What Premium Has To Offer You?
Once you have had the current free version of Wealthy Affiliate running  and wish to extend the capabilities, you can do it easily by paying $47/month! Also, it offers 25 websites, instant DNS Setup, full redundancy, daily website backups, enterprise security and 30 GB website space with a hosting speed Amazon c3.large (faster). Also, it gives a bandwidth of 500k visitors/month. What more can you wish for?


Earn While You Learn!

As they say ‘it is never too late to learn’ ,so yes, Wealthy Affiliate seems to be keeping this promise of teaching you whether you are a newbie or an advanced marketer; Wealthy Affiliate offers training programs that help you create a better, bigger and a successful online business and with a good online space.


wealthy affiliate education

So what are you waiting for? Check out their website for more amazing features and tell us if this article has helped you in any way.


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