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If you are looking for some limited-time test runs, then Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu would do good for you, but if are looking for even some more, then the world doesn’t end there. In fact, you may have tried using the service for free by trying different email addresses even after the trial period expires, retailers demand email address to take benefit of the offers but that ends up in spammy emails which are not mostly even read.

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You can consider making disposable email addresses which allow you to create disposable email addresses (multiple) coupled with their access in same window. Moreover, these email address generators can help you remain anonymous and keep your inbox away from unnecessary emails such as online degrees and other stuff you probably are not in need of. Below are some reviews for really good websites offering email address generators:

1- GuerrillaMail

GuerrillaMail email addresses are timeless. Each address compensates almost 9 domains along with a custom ID giving you a standard email address experience. The email address made at GuerrillaMail does not expire but recent incoming emails get deleted in an hour automatically whether or not they have been viewed. Moreover, it also provides the facility of filtering unwanted spammy emails; additional tools for the encryption of ID are also provided. It also accomodates sending attachment that are upto 150 MB

2- FakeInbox

As the name says, “,” everything is clear. It offers custom or auto-generated usernames that expires once the 60 minutes clock hits zero, but there are options available of refreshing email address lifetime. Also, the site allows you to even reply to an incoming email within an hour. The only backdrop for this site is that it comes with some banner ads that you wouldn’t fancy clicking.

Above two are the non-forwarding email services, and below is a brief introduction to a browser extension service:

3- Bloody Vikings!

Bloody Vikings is only available on Firefox; allows creating disposable email address the easier way! When the user right-clicks on any address field of registration forms (any), it allows the user to create a fake ID then and there! It comes with the advantage that it is compatible with 10 Minute Mail and Trash Mail. So if you are still a frequent FireFox user looking for a good accommodating service, then Bloody Vikings is no doubt a good choice for you.

So above are just a few examples of some popular email address generators out there in the tech world. Some other popular examples include 10-Minute-Mail, Mailinator, 20-Minute-Mail, Melt Mail and Trash Mail.

Chrome and Firefox have quite a big variety of services for creating disposable email addresses which come with the accommodation of browser extensions. And for some more options, a quick search on Mozilla Add-ons site and the Chrome Web Store would do wonders.

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