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2016 WordPress SEO Essentials You Should Be Friends With

If you are a WordPress user and are crazy about following the new trends and concepts, then you should be best friends with the basic essentials first. But what are those essentials? The WordPress SEO essentials are lined up here for you:

– SEO Friendly Themes & Optimized WordPress Plugins:

 A light coded theme ensures that the SEO practices were kept in notice while the development. Use a light coded theme. For WP plugins, Yoast is the best choice for optimization and modification.


– High Quality Writing: High quality writing will never let you down in Google. Tools like Grammarly help you a lot for high quality writing. Lsigraph generate LSI keywords which can be added to posts for attracting more traffic.

– Custom Permalinks: WordPress allows you to set up custom permalinks i.e SEO friendly links. You can insert the year and month of the post in the URL now too! For instance, shows post name and shows month and year.

Wordpress permalinks

Keywords and Keywords: Keywords never fall behind. Understand the traffic patterns and how people search things and generate your keywords in an innovative effective way.

– Highlights and Headings: Informative content will be more useful if highlighted and used with the proper heading tags. H1 to H6 are such tags, H1 being the tag for main and H2 for additional heading.

wordpress seo headings h1

– Image Optimization: Optimizing images is a must when you are optimizing every other thing on your site. It helps in better loading and speed of the website. Always add details about the image.

Alt Tags Your Best Friends: The image’s Alt area should be your focus. The crawler sees the alt text that you put in for the image. For valid HTML, alt tags are mandatory.

Interlinks: If you insert really useful links in your blogs/posts/pages, chances are that your page starts ranking better because it gives the readers more chances to click to better to best pages.

Social Media Is The New Hero: 2016 brings social media more in the central spot and the more lead in your branding and talking to clients and viewers, the more lead you get in your ranking.

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