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Earn on 6 Different Niches

Determine How To Earn On 6 Different Niches

Technical Blog

If your technical blog grows out on a commendable traffic, then having advertisements like Google Adsense on your blog is recommended. Alongside, product  reviews for general products such as smartphones can also be a good start for you.

Using affiliate programs from e-bay and amazon can also be a plus if you manage to drive enough traffic. Also, the Internet world always needs content so yes, the freelancer writers out there also have been really successful.

Technical Blog earning

Travel Blog

Start your travel blogs by writing about local places first. Once you get noticed, you can monetize using Google Adsense, Chitika or others. Also, sponsored posts such as for a hotel or a restaurant can take you a level up. Same goes for affiliate marketing in this regard.

Fashion Blog

Being  a fashion blogger means you have to advertise about the latest trends in clothing etc. So go for it and earn a handsome amount. Next, try selling yourself the trendy clothes making your blog an online store too. Furthermore, you can also write about specific products you use if you happen to be an ambassador of that company.

Sports Blog

A sports blog needs to be as active as the sports are. And if you manage to keep the momentum going, you may have a great traffic, and if you have traffic, you can use Google Adsense! You can also try selling tickets for sports event by connecting to the major sports events organizer through your blog.

Photography Blog

Everyone across the Internet world needs photos, so if you are a photographer, set up your photography blog really well and sell your photos! If you are a good photographer, then you can be a good photo editor too, and if you are one then you can earn from this talent. And if you happen to be a far above high skilled photographer, then why not try running photography courses online on your blog?

photography blog

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Personal Blog

Again like before, advertisements, are always a major source of income. Traffic is as usual the criteria for it. Alongside, you can give being blog consultant a thought. You might notice that even in your personal blog, there may be some topics that you write on regularly and expertly, so giving a consult for those topics doesn’t seem bad at all.

The joys of a personal blog also include writing freely on any product or service, so yes, writing product reviews and service reviews can also generate income.

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