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ConvertKit MailChimp Comparison – Who Is The Smart Kid

Catching subscriber is the most daunting task, however the job gets easy when you have the right tool. Today in this article we will review MailChimp Vs ConvertKit.

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So What You Will Learn In This Article?

  • What is ConvertKit
  • Why ConvertKit
  • MailChimp is Perfect But with Limitations
  • ConvertKit Offers Load of customized Options

Point To Remember

Small Company with Big Dreams

ConvertKit is a small however effective company with few employees. The thing about online/software businesses is that any flaw in the marketplace can be spotted by a single person who has the talent and is motivated for the cause, and can efficiently find a solution to the issue. ConvertKit’s owner, Nathan Barry , is a professional blogger who sells and also creates his own products.

In blogging,  both increasing your number of subscribers and efficiently communicating with them after that are important. The creator of ConvertKit created it after facing the frustration of not being able to use some of his advanced email marketing techniques in MailChimp . He created it to solve these problems of his own however anyone who shares them might find the exact solutions for themselves in ConvertKit too.

MailChimp is Perfect But with Limitations

MailChimp may be a perfect place for those who wish to only store their email subscribers and if sending out a couple newsletters is the only  email marketing they do. However, MailChimp  is not good with automated email marketing. People who wish to use that face the problem of no unique codes or forms for selective incentives in MailChimp. So this may mean that if a reader signs up for more than one of your opt-ins, you may end having to pay double or more for the same subscriber to be on more than one lists. One of the most effective strategies for quickly building an email list is to create customized opt-in incentives matching the content. For example, to be given the option to enter their email address after someone reads one of the blogger’s posts. It’s an exchange built on trust  in which one exchanges an email address with something in return.  The more value added the more likely this exchange may occur. To offer something the reader is likely to be interested in is also important.


ConvertKit Offers Load of Options

ConvertKit  offers the option to customize displaying form that matches the content and is very easy to use. This is possible thorugh the ConvertKit WordPress plugin.

convertkit wordpress plugin

Some may say that MailChimp allows for segments and groups without paying double in the same list but though the solution is fine when large batches of subscribers are being imported but hidden fields are the only way in MailChimp to assign groups or segments. It ‘s not that efficient to use, rather complicated and doesn’t really work well in offering customized opt-in incentives.

Points to Remember

  • MailChimp as mentioned earlier, charges for duplicate subscribers, which is a disadvantage compared to ConvertKit and also quite strange to be charged twice or more than once for the same email.
  • ConvertKit lets you have a single subscriber in multiple forms, tags, segments, courses etc and the user only pays once. It helps to organize your account in a method that makes sense and is more efficient.
  • ConvertKit also gives you the ease of being able to compare failure or successes in conversion rates of several forms in a blog. It’s a helpful point which gives ConvertKit another advantage over MailChimp.

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