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In this article, you will learn:
– What is a domain/website name.
– Selecting A Good Domain Name.
– Preference based on Longer and Shorter Domain Names.
– Useful Website/Domain Name Generator Tools.
– Tips When Choosing A Domain Name:

Lets Learn what really is Website Name Ideas?

What Exactly Is A Domain Name:

If you are thinking of starting a blog or a website, the first and the most important concern is a good website/domain name. But it is important to note that the domain name makes your blog/website unique from others hence it is also called “address” of the website.
As mentioned above, domain name is basically the label of your website, and stands as the most important part of the URL structure.

Selecting A Good Domain Name

When you decide to finally purchase a domain name for your website, it is a must to brainstorm hard before you choose your website name.
Furthermore, the right domain name ensures confidence while the wrong choice causes alarm! And most importantly, the domain name stands as an important part for your overall brand. It is important to note that the domain name can be of any length. We also recommend you can either buy an expired domain which can be cheap and of high value in return. Following Domain Service provider offers millions of expired domains at very cheap rates.

Longer or Shorter Domain Names?

There stands a contradiction when this scenario is usually discussed. Some prefer the short domain names, while others opt for longer ones. The logical explanation given for shorter domain names is they are easy to remember and type e.g is easier than While on the other hand, the logical explanation given for longer domain names is easier on the human memory e.g will be easier to remember than ( It all depends on how you want to rank it in long term.

Do note short domain names (up-to 5 characters) are impossible to find these days. Following domain and web hosting providers give you domain name Free when you signup with them for hosting packages.

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Tips When Choosing A Domain Name:

  1. Keep it simple: Keep your name short and easy to remember.
  2. Avoid Trouble: Don’t choose too close to someone else’s business name.
  3. Be creative and unique!

Don’t forget if its getting hard to find short domain name you can dig in for Long Tail Keywords and can find high ranking domain name with ease by taking help from this tool.
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Domain Name Generator Tools:

Having given the logical explanation for the domain names, we also have compiled a list of some very useful domain name generators below:

  1. Name Mesh: Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists!
  2. Name Station: A naming tool for creative minds.
  3. Domainhole: Offering expired domain search as well.
  4. Domainr: Instant domain search, short URLs, new gTLDs.
  5. Bustaname: Find available domain names based on the keywords.
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