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Websites You Can Build With WordPress

In my last blog, I told you about Online Backup Service and its benefits, but this blog brings something different.
If you happen to be one of many people who are still thinking if WordPress is the right thing for them, then you should know that there is so much you can do with WordPress. Install WordPress and you are just a step away from your dream site.
In this article, you will learn:

– How Important WordPress is For Your Blog Building.
– Various Ways WordPress Can Benefit You.
– Learn About Where To Use ThemeForest, Clipper, WordPress Job Board Plugin, BB Press etc.

Websites You Can Build With WordPress

  1. Blog

Since WordPress is a well known blogging platform, so its time you use WordPress and create an outstanding blog for your business or for just random scribbling. Its just a matter of a few minutes and your blog is ready to go!

  1. Coupon Site

If you are the person who loves making money with a  coupon site using the affiliate links, then WordPress comes into play again for you! It has numerous coupon themes  to offer you like Clipper, along with hundreds of additional plugins.

WordPress clipper Theme

  1. Job Board

For someone who is looking to create a job board online, WordPress is the best tool to take help from. WordPress offers a huge variety of themes and plugins to create your very own Job board. A popular example of this is the JobEngine theme and for plugin, we have WordPress Job Board Plugin to help you.

  1. Forum

Like the amazing forums out there on the Internet, you can also create your very own forum site to get people interacting and talking. Again, WordPress has this amazing plugin  BB Press to get started.
bbpress wordpress

  1. Article Directory

Interested in creating an article directory? Try WordPress theme Article Directory theme that will help get you started.

  1. Corporate/Business Site

To set up a business/corporate website, WordPress helps you in a way that it offers thousands of free and premium business themes to choose from. Also, it gives you the freedom to incorporate any functionality you want to the theme. You can easily set up an online shop, gathering support ticket, getting customers to book online appointments etc.

  1. Booking Site

If you own a hotel or a salon or a restaurant and you want online booking, then WordPress offers a plugin called Booking System Pro to solve your problems!

  1. Social Site

You can also create your own social networking site with WordPress’s BuddyPress plugin and take it to a higher level.

  1. Portfolio

Make a great portfolio with WordPress’s awesome designs! There are thousands of themes out there offering ways you can display your work. is the best place to obtain an excellent theme.

  1. News Site

If you happen to be person with amazing journalistic talents, then put your talents to work and start your own news site!  Out of many, Pressroom is one example of a news site theme. Sites like CNN and BBC America also user WordPress sites.

  1. eCommerce Site

Who doesn’t want to sell products? Everyone does! so why not create your own e-commerce website using WordPress’s amazing related themes and plugins for this purpose? The most popular WordPress plugin for this purpose is WooCommerce which almost every big developer uses to give the website a sparkling effect. Other plugins include eStore and eCommerce etc.

  1. Classified Site

Inspired by Craigslist? Want something similar for yourself too? Try plugins like Classipress to get started listing your classified ads.

  1. Customer Feedback/Support Site

We all know how important a customer feedback is for every product or service, and that is why WordPress brings themes like Ideas to help gather customer feedback as well as responding to their ideas. For collecting support tickets, you can use Support Desk theme


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