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In my last blog, I discussed about free website name ideas. But this blog is quite different from the previous one.

In this article, you will learn:
– What Is An Online Backup
– Automation Feature of Online Backup

– Security of Online Backup
– Timing of Online Backup
– Synchronization of Online Backup
– Online Backup Service CodeGuard

The first priority of every website owner is to make backups online, and almost every website owner knows the benefits that come with the backup, but still there are people across the globe who do not appreciate the importance of backup yet, so this article shows the potential benefits that come with online backup:

What Is An Online Website Backup?

online backup

According to Wikipedia, online website backup means:

A remote, online, or managed backup service, sometimes marketed as cloud backup or backup-as-a-service, is a service that provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of files.

Benefits Of An Online Backup

1# Automation

When you have a quality online backup, there are no worries of automatic updates. They protect fully!

For your most important data, an automatic recovery plan is created by your backup service and is stored in some remote area that is far from your business or home. The everyday threats your computer gets like floods or theft do not corrupt your data backup since the backup plans are rock solid. Above all, they are restored right on your click.2

2# Data In Increased Security Service

Your data is prone to physical damage if you leave it to store manually because of opting the outdated technology. Storing your critical data manually through outdated technology can cause irreversible physical damage. One should bear in mind that hacking, software thefts, hardware thefts, the website data relies on what quality is the backup of. If under any unavoidable circumstance, there are specialized online backup plugin services which recover your data in a matter of clicks.

3# Quick Recovery

A good online backup service restores your data in the shortest time possible when your data is prone to any attack/threat. A quality online backup is capable of data restoration instantly in best timing.

4# Synchronization

Synchronization is not a game that can be easily handled by the manual backups, but with the online backup services, it comes as a feature that’s readily available. With the online backup services, you enjoy synchronization utilizing your devices like desktops, tablets and  laptops.

syncing online backup

5# Affordable

When it comes to calculating the cost of your physical hard drives and all the other media needed to be purchased including the operational costs and the maintenance required from time to time for your manual backup, it surely makes up a big fat amount, so why not go for an option that has more to offer you in a lesser amount? Online backup is an affordable service with a lot of additional features serving as a time and money saving solution. However, note that every online backup service differs from other services.

6# Protection with CodeGuard

Having told you all the benefits about online backup service, let us also tell you a really awesome online backup service called CodeGuard. CodeGuard instills in you the confidence that your most important data is in safe hands, stored in a remote location and there are no worries needed anymore!
CodeGuard  offers an easy to use automated restore option when needed. It works daily in the background without disturbing you in  any way.


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