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Start Successful Dropshipping Business With AliExpress

Why Are We Writing This Guide

Every marketer knows that online marketing moves rapidly! You need a strong judgement in deciding things and acting independently. And that is why we are writing this guide, because our aim is to empower you and help you with the best marketplace resources.

First Things First! What Is Dropshipping Actually

You know it well that online businesses are now equally important as the on-site ones, so yes that includes the profitable businesses too. One such kind of profitable business online is called dropshipping.

Dropshipping businesses include selling products that you don’t own. Yes, you heard it right – you don’t own the products you’re selling.  Instead, you further order the ordered products to your chosen supplier, and then your  supplier ships the products to your customers.

Get It Right – Making It Profitable

Dropshipping requires a creative mind for planning, so to make this business profitable, think creatively about the product’s price. Because your profit is just going to be the difference between your purchase’s cost and the money you will acquire from the client.

Why To Have Your Own Webstore For Dropshipping Business

It is extremely important that you choose a good platform for your dropshipping business. In other words, a suitable platform where your potential customers get to view all the products/items and place orders. But since there are a lot of platforms out there, and deciding the right one can be very difficult, you have to act practically and choose the one that will bring you high profits!

Confused About Choosing Platforms? Here’s How You Can Pick One

1- Social Network Accounts: Never underestimate the power of social networking accounts! They are the most powerful tools for any beginner. Mostly the entrepreneurs make use of the sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and post products with prices and offers.

Top 10 Networking Sites: Most Popular Sites For Business

Top 10 Networking Sites: Most Popular Sites For Business

2- Blogs and Forums: What’s best about blogs and forums is that they gather like-minded people or people with same interests on one platform, but since everything has negative side too, so the negative side here is that blogs are usually not developed in a trade-like structure which makes trading a bit difficult making the customer trust low.

3- Online Classified Ads Portals: These portals are nicely built to encourage and facilitate sellers and buyers to trade more and more, but the only drawback one would find here is no full-scale trading is facilitated here.

4- Your Very Own Webstore: This is by far the most convenient and best option, even for the beginners. It gives you a wide range of benefits and it is possible at any time to make improvements when you need.

Not Fancying Having Your Own Dropshipping Webstore? Here’s Why You Should Have Yours!

You might possibly be wondering why we are emphasizing so much on having your own webstore. Well, the reason is you might not be seeing it for now, but it will provide huge benefits in the future for you!

Here are some of the benefits that we see apparently:

High Income: Usually people are hesitant buying things from blogs because their trust level towards webstores is generally high. So this is the most important thing that is known widely. And it does definitely give an advantage in terms of higher income as compared to income generated through job portals or other means.

Complete Control: When you run your own webstore, you have a complete control over what should be there and what should not be there. You can decide your own marketing strategy and are not limited to any sort of pricing methods.

-Technical Convenience: Technical convenience is a plus when it comes to having your own webstore! You have no problems handling orders, dealing with customers or keeping track of things because you are familiar with the work environment.

No Competition:As a trader, you’d be well aware when you post a product on big websites like ebay or amazon, there are a lot of competitors selling the same product on a lower price. But when you have your own webstore, there’d be no competitors! Only you’d the one selling items and there would be no one selling right at your webstore in a lower price.

Last but not the least, a dedicated store gives you the power of having appealing profits and making you an independent entrepreneur. You finally build your own empire and acquire control over everything.

Start Dropshipping With Ali Express

Step1: Choose Your Niche


Like every business, Dropshipping business also needs to have a lot of initial research, and by a lot, we really mean a lot! BE LASER FOCUSED ON YOUR NICHE: Check out the popularity trends; search for products that are in high demand and lead to a stable trend. Don’t worry! is our best here.

Let’s give you a small example here. We searched for top drones and voila! We observe an increase in this trend since 2013, not a bad choice, eh?

top drones google trend

Yes, we understand the concern that finding a good positive and a stable niche is hard to find. But in case you find one, it is highly recommended that you search the products for the niche on other webstores and see the prices they are offering. If they are offering lower and cheaper prices, then it’s better you switch to a different niche.

  • Reasons To Go Narrow

reasons to go narrow

If you are still confused about how to build website in your niche with AliPlugin, have a look, check the live demos at Top 10 Drones and/or Shopping Runway websites plus many other websites.

aliexpress dropshipping example-phase-1

Before you start your webstore, first check on Ali Express the availability of the products of your niche. For instance, in the example above, the narrowed down niche was related to drones, but we are switching our next example’s search term to Harry Potter, so here is a preview of the wide range of product categories available.


  • Prices

Usually, prices are very low on Ali Express as compared to other webstores. The snapshot below tells you well enough that a harry potter scarf is available at such a low price on Ali Express. But on the other hand, if you search the same product on other marketplaces, you would see an immense price difference, so yes, the profit margin is considerable when working with Ali Express.


Now searching for the same product on


Step 2: Choose A Domain Name And Hosting Provider

Domain name: Choosing a domain name requires creativity because no one would fancy a domain name that becomes obsolete with time and can not be sell further in times of need. The best way is to choose a shorter, preferably 2-3 word long name related to your niche. Also, a domain name with ‘.com‘ is more powerful.

Hosting: WordPress is a light platform and there are tons of hosting providers for wordpress installation, but the best ones are following:

iPage Web Hosting
FatCow Web Hosting

HostGator Web Hosting
iPower Web Hosting
WebHost4Life Web Hosting

Inmotion Web Hosting
1&1 Web Hosting
Arvixe Web Hosting
Green Geeks Web Hosting
Host Papa Web Hosting
11Dream Host Web Hosting
12Media Temple Web Hosting
13Voda Host Web Hosting
14A Small Orange Web Hosting
15VPS Link Web Hosting
16MyHosting Web Hosting
17Eleven2 Web Hosting
18Network Solutions Web Hosting
19IX Web Hosting
20Netfirm Web Hosting
21Server Pronto Web Hosting
221&1 Web Hosting
23GoDaddy Web Hosting

Step 3: Install WordPress

Download WordPress from their official site and run the extreme easy installation to have your wordpress up and running in 10 minutes!

Step 4: Set Up Alidropship Plugin

Once you are done with installation, next step is to install the AliDropship Plugin, that gives you the freedom of running a successful dropshipping store. It also provides options where you can search and add to your site products by feeding the categories, keywords, volumes etc.

Fancy Seeing How It Works? Here’s The Video!

Step 5: Fill Your Store With Products

There are absolutely no limits to the number of products you want to add to your webstore. However, we recommend that you add those items to your store which have a 4+ rating or has 300+ orders.


Moreover, it is highly recommended that you order from AliExpress sellers offering free shipping or having a minimal shipping cost.


Step 6: Promotion

Once you’re all set to start your webstore, its time you think about promoting your dropshipping business, and this where digital marketing comes into play. There are multiple online channels available for promoting your services and products.

  1. SMM: Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Email Marketing

Step 7: Get ‘Em To Your Site

AliExpress makes trading very smooth for you. When a customer places an order with you, purchase the product, and simply feed in your customer’s name and address and let AliExpress take the rest of the care including the shipping too!

Benefits of Using Ali Express Solutions

AliDropship is an amazing tool for all sellers whether be it beginners or experienced. The AliDropShip plugin helps you in a million ways in creating a webstore that’s up and running. Also, you can get access to various services that help you run and promote your webstore. Visit ALiDropShip plugin here.



So now we come to the end of the complete dropshipping guide for you and for your soon-to-start business. We really hope things turn out great for you! Don’t forget to buy the AliDropship Plugin for your help!


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