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How to Setup a Private Blog Network – Complete Guide

Introduction To PBNs

Why Build a Private Blog Network

Did you know that you could formulate some really reliable, trustworthy, appropriate and top quality backlinks? Private blog networks are a seriously useful way to accomplish this seemingly complex task with unbelievable ease and comfort. By virtue of this technique, you can move any local, associate or some other keyword with ridiculous ease. Add to that, you won’t even need to build a huge number of blogs.
In this article you will learn How to Setup a Private Blog Network – Complete Guide. Following is a breakdown of each section in graphical format.

As far as most of the local keywords are concerned, a private blog network comprising 15 healthy domains can do a marvelous job. Mind you, just a single decent client can help you earn $1,000 to $3,000 bucks a month without having to undertake any hard work at all.

We know marketers and entrepreneurs who have round about 30 clients or even more and they have employed PBNs as their first choice method of boosting their rankings. They’ve been able to manage such a huge clientele with little hard work that consists of only a few hours of technical backstopping on weekly basis.

However, when you set out to build PBNs, you must be aware of the fact that you’ll be stepping onto road brimming with obstacles, thornsand bushes. So, you have to ensure that you do everything right while setting up PBNs. We are going to help you figure out how you can set your PBNs up properly through our instructional course called PBN Masters.

We believe in keep it short and simple! So, in addition to concise tutorials, you’ll also be getting PDF manuals and checklists that will ensure that you are able to construct and subsequently manage your PBN flawlessly without having to get help from the outside.
Without much ado, let’s get started y’all!

Blog Networks Basics

First up, let’s begin by defining what actually a Private Blog Network is:

Private Blog Network or PBN is a cluster of blogs resident on aged domains and hosted on a number of servers each associated with a separate IP address. The purpose of these blogs is to mimic organic backlinks to website owner’s business site.

Practical Example

Let’s get to understand this with a simple yet practical example. Let’s suppose that your client is a real estate agent in the town. You come across a domain belonging to another real estate agent years ago. This real estate agent was successful and got remarkable coverage from the local print and electronic media; thereby resulting into a large number of backlinks to his/her webpage.
The real estate agent, after enjoying brilliant success for a number of years left his profession from some reason or the other and also quit his/her domain, leaving it to rot and expire in oblivion. You get this domain registered and decide to build a new blog on it with regard to real estate market. Here’s the advantage: since the majority of the links to the website are still live and kicking, the blog will be able to retain its reliability and authority that had been developed by its previous owner.
Does this make things clearer to you now?
You are getting natura, top quality backlinks that could have cost you thousands of dollars if not for this aged domain. And what’s more! You are the sole owner of this domain. We’ll discuss the process of searching for aged domains in our upcoming articles.

Linking to Your Business Website

When you are looking to link to your business website, take care that you put in place branded i.e., URL and brand, and generic (such as Click here, for more information visit this page, etc.) anchor text. If you have been able to incorporate sufficient diversity in your linking, then you can resort to a few PBN links with an anchor text that is heavily based on keywords.
Just one link from a PBN blog to the business website will do the trick and any number of links more than this will be of no avail whatsoever. The first link will be able to get you the most benefit while you won’t be able to reap a lot of dividends from other links.
It is advisable to wait for at least a couple of weeks before linking out to your business website. Ensure that you keep on adding fresh content to your blog and your blog boasts 5 to 7 posts at the minimum before you actually link out. Remember that there are some people out there who would report a “sandbox” for links from expired/dormant domains.

PBN Footprints

Even if you think that you are a rookie who is still learning his/her stuff, you must be familiar with the saying that it is vitally important for your PBN not to have any footprints or else Google will burn it. If you want to know what are footprints and how you can keep a fair distance from them, you’ll need to know what they actually are:
Footprint is a unique identification symbol or object hailing from your blog or even your domain, which could be either your domain contact in Whois, a different WordPress plugin or theme or even the similar one backlink from all your blogs to your money website.

In addition to the above mentioned things, there are also a number of other objects which actually are not footprints but possess the potential to cause serious harm to your ultimate results. Some of these are the same hosting service for all your blogs, the knack of producing only short articles and the use of only commercial keywords in the anchor text.

Finding Expired Domains

Expired Domains Basics

To start off with this topic, let’s first have a look at the most common types of domains for PBNs:

  • Expiring domains which can be retrieved through auctions via a legitimate bidding process
  • Those domains which were not bought by anyone and so expired recently
  • Domains that expired several years ago but still boast live backlinks and are called as Free to Register or Expired domains
  • Alive and kicking domains known as active domains
  • In order to get an access to those domains are about to get expired or have just recently expired in the near past, you have to browse through to the registrar auction pages such as GoDaddy, Dynadot, etc. There is also an option to utilize tools and methodologies that have been designed specifically to get access to these domains. These tools include, Domcop, etc. We intend to discuss these tools more in detail in our upcoming articlesIn the next couple of articles, we’ll discuss how to find and purchase these types of domains. Remember that mere knowledge about the places from these domains can be purchased is not sufficient. It’s mandatory that you figure out if the domains that you are about to buy will reap you any rewards or not.

How to Analyze Domains

The first thing that you ought to chop off from your checklist is the obsession with page ranks. The search engines do not update it publicly any longer so it has become utterly irrelevant and there is no need to waste your time wondering what pagerank does your to-be-purchased domain boast. It is very important to divert your attention to the most crucial parameter of all which is live backlinks. You have to ascertain if the backlinks have a background? Will they prove to be long lasting helping you get advantage from their history for a longer period of time? Do they link your domain to a website that sports high reputation?

The second significant parameter in this regard is the historical context associated with the website and its affiliated domain. You need to determine if the domain was being used in the past for a PBN by analyzing it thoroughly. In addition, you need to know the number of times the domain was dropped. Ideally, it should be less than 3 times in last decade.Check the domain history here. Also check how many times the domain dropped (do note look for 3 drops in last 10 years).
The third parameter is the healthy link profile and anchor text which implies that the domain is not associated to any keywords related to pornography or gambling.
There are also a number of other parameters that need to be taken into consideration when analyzing a domain. These include MOZ Domain authority and Page Authority of 20 and Majestic Citation Flow and and Trust Flow of 12. You can get more details about these parameters in the checklist (Check the Checklist section on this page).
You can also analyze domains with MOZ Open Site Explorer, Majestic, Ahrefs or A domain that is able to satisfy all the above mentioned criterion will help you build some really formidable PBNs. Hence, it becomes very important to analyze domains as it can make or break your entire endeavor.

Registering Domains

It is vital that you select different registrar auction sites to purchase domains once you have figured out which ones could be suitable for you. There are numerous options such as NameSilo, NameCheap, Dynadot, etc. It is essential to make a nice blend of your registrar auction sites and do not buy domains using a single one.
We advise you to make use of Whois privacy for one-fourth of your domains while totally different information for all the remaining ones. Finally, ensure that you do not end up using the same contact information for all domains. Remember that the contact information for all of them should be different from one another. FakeNameGenerator can help you out join this piece of the jigsaw. However, take care that you use a real physical address.

If you are able to follow all the above mentioned suggestions, recommendations and techniques, you will surely be able to set up a fine PBN without any alarming issues.

How to Find PBN Domains

You can employ one of the three options available to search out expired domains. If you have allocated financial resources for this purpose and we are pretty much certain that you have done so, please do go through the next article related to buying domains. In addition to telling you about the best places to buy domains, it will also inform you about the services that can help you out in finding your desired domains and hence save your precious time.

In case, you do not want to spend a lot of money, you will still be required to get yourselves registered to at least one of the following analysis tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic, MOZ or which is the preferrable one of all because of its reasonable price. But in this scenario, you will have to dedicate plenty of your time for domain analysis.
Finding Expiring and Recently Expired Domains with

With the help of, you can look out for expired domains for free without having to spend a single penny. Using this service, you can sift through expired domains or those domains that have been auctioned and are about to get expired. Similar process is employed for the filtering of the two sets of domains.

Edit Columns

Since there are plenty of columns stuffed with lots and lots of data, therefore, we suggest you to remove anything that can serve as an obstacle in your bid to finding the ideal expired domains.
A simple click on your username in the right will open a pop up. Select Column Manager and arrange it such that you are able to portray the information that is of interest. You can add more information according to your liking as well.edit-columns

Filtering Domains

Select several domains together and click on Show Filter. Three types of filter tabs are available including Common, Additional and Adwords and SEO.

Common Filter

It is important for you to avoid browsing domains with fake page ranks. Pagerank, as discussed earlier has lost much of its importance recently, but it still portrays an undesired set of actions by the owner. Also, browse through the domains updated till yesterday. Please check out the refresh time on the table when you log into the website. Those domains should be filtered which have at least 50 backlinks. We suggest you to undertake a thorough analysis of the backlinks as well. It is also possible to add a minimum Wayback age of one year.common-filters

Additional Filter

This filter differs for both expired/deleted domains and auction domains. For deleted domains, you ought to select Only Available Domains. You can also choose the TLDs such as com, net, org, info, etc. and maximum bidding price when filtering auction domains. Also, choose Ending Today from Named Ending drop down menu.

Adwords and SEO Filter

This filter lets us select the least MOZ parameters required. does not display the Majestic parameters which is a bit disappointing but you can always take a look at them manually. Once you click Apply Filter, the results will be displayed. If they are in accordance with your requirement, save them and you can use them for your reference on daily basis. Having said that, we suggest you to always go through the backlinks and anchor text profile manually without using any automated tools to assess the actual worth of a domain.adword-and-seo-filter

Finding Expired Domains with Xenu Link Sleuth

This approach can be brought into play when you decide to search out for expired domains manually without using any automation. This methodology, however, will take some toll on your financial and temporal resources and involves some inherent complexities as well but you can always look out for what it really is in the world’s largest search engine Google.
In Short…
Taking all the above perspectives into consideration, we recommend you to either spend some valuable time to buy domains or resort to paid services to get them purchased.

Where to Buy PBN Domains

All you need is some bank balance and you can find numerous agents, services, dealers and negotiators who can help you out in your quest to find domains that you have been so dearly looking for. In order to simplify things, here’s how we’ll be referring to domains from now onwards:
• Expiring – these domains are still registered but they are available to be included in the bidding process at the registrar’s auction websites
• Recently expired – these domains remain unbought at the registrar’s auction websites during the bidding process and so get expired in due course of time
• Expired – these domains may have got expired several years back but still boast a number of live and kicking backlinks
A lot of emphasis is laid by the majority of the agents and dealers on the domains that have expired a long time back since they can be retrieved with relative ease, boast organic backlinks that have more historical background and associated value and require lesser spending as compared to those sold at the auctions.
Services Sorting Expiring and Recently Expired Domains
We have already discussed in detail the services provided by If you have cash in hand, you can get access to some really fine quality services. Let’s introduce you to a couple of best services on offer:
DomCop (we recommend you to go for the $56 per month plan which will also let you use a 7 days trial)
RegistrarCompass (their suggested plan to take up is worth $37 per month)
Expiring, Expired & Auction Domains - RegisterCompass

Services Sorting Expired Domains

  • The best approach to get your PBNs up and running and functioning flawlessly is through the acquisition of expired domains since they boast the most historical background and are contextually relevant.
  • The Domain.Name is one of the best services that can assist you in finding expired domains. With a huge database of 500 million expired domains, this services offers you domains with comprehensive Majestic parameters. It is needless to say that we would highly recommend this service to you.
  • While using TDN, you will be required to carry out some manual filtering and sorting out and also check out for any spam. You can purchase already filtered domains from PBN HQ Domains with great comfort and without any hassle right from their marketplace.
  • Similar to PBNHQ is Hammerheads Domains that also offers free services. They have categorized their packages based on different themes and you can get access to all their archived domains if you subscribe to their paid plans.
    All the services aforementioned require free registration. So what’s the fuss about now folks? Hurry up!

Domain Scrapers

With the help of domain scrapers, you can scrape any particular URLs of your preference for expired domains. For example, if you are interested in getting links from, all you need to do is to enter their URL and the domain scraper goes through all their web pages in order to find the expired domains. So, this ultimately turns out to be an efficient methodology to get links with relevant historical background.
Here’s the rub though: the domain scrapers emerge as a relative expensive proposition. As a matter of fact, you are not likely to come across a domain scraper for less than $100 per month. Therefore, this approach is beneficial for those who are dealing with hundreds of domains on monthly basis.

Expired Domain Brokers

Domain brokers are the agents or dealers who crawl through a number of webpages to find out the expired domains, filter them out and offer the domains to the clients. The internet market is brimming with domain brokers who deal in expired domains or you can look out for one in the PBN Facebook communities. The domains cost around $50 to $100 per domain in general and you are more than likely to get rebates if you decide to purchase them in large quantities.

It is advisable to make use of The Domain.Name, PBNHQ and Hammerhead Domains to search out the required domains. In case you are not short of funds, then you can save your precious time and hire the services of domain brokers to get what you need.

Hosting and Management Basics

So, from the above discussion, this must have become evident to you that you have to avoid footprints while building your private blog network. Avoiding footprints is a crucial topic and we plan to discuss it with you later on. We’ll try to encompass most of the associated details in this section as well but we suggest you to visit that section to get a better insight of that topic.

Just going through the definition of PBNs again:
Private Blog Network or PBN is a cluster of blogs resident on aged domains and hosted on a number of servers each associated with a separate IP address. The purpose of these blogs is to mimic organic backlinks to website owner’s business site.

The rest is plain common sense though we are aware of the adage that common sense is not very common (pun intended!). If you have any doubts about doing anything, you should get access to some reliable blog and just replicate the process which is being followed by the bloggers there onto your own blog.
You won’t need a huge amount of energy to realise that you should always disparate hosting service providers who are reliable and boast good reputation. In addition, your blogs should be on domains with different IP addresses. Moreover, you should ensure that you make use of the Domain Name System (DNS) addresses that are being utilized by legal websites.
Also, you should also integrate About, Contact and Privacy pages to your blogs. Another very important thing is to ensure that your websites remain updated with their data appropriately backed up. If you are using a WordPress powered website, then keeping your theme and other plugins update is of great significance. Nobody would want to end up getting their website de-indexed because some hacker was able to exploit a vulnerability in your website since you’d been so lazy that you didn’t even bother to update it.

Take care that your PBN blogs are different in appearance and boast different type of content from one another. Do not forget to add media and rich text to your blog posts and try your best that your blogs give the appearance of legal websites. A blog which clearly gives the air of a place harbouring plenty of links with merely a few text posts will do more harm than any good whatsoever.
It is also essential to add links to other websites; not only to online encyclopaedias but also to other sites on the world wide web.

Avoid using C-class hosting service providers or ancient SEO hosting since they can be quite comfortably tracked by the search engines because of their usage of old-school techniques. It is never recommended to link one PBN blog to another. Moreover, avoid applying stuff such as theme, plugin, signature, username, email address, associate link, advertiser link, banner etc. to all your blogs simultaneously.

Do not integrate and make use of any of the services offered by Google including but not limited to Analytics, Webmasters tool, AdSense etc. Avoid applying 301 redirects to all your 404 pages and take utmost care to develop subpages again and leave the rest. What’s the most important of all: never leave any footprint.

Keep in mind that your actual target is to make it virtually impossible for the search engines to decipher that all these websites belong to you. The search engines shouldn’t even get a clue that they have anything to do with each other (no PBN interlinking, remember?).

Where to host PBN Blogs

You need to remember one thing: What worked in the past doesn’t necessarily guarantee success now. Things of the past have become redundant when it comes to the topic of hosting PBN blogs. C-class hosting service providers and SEO hosting are included in this.
Before we delve into in-depth details, let’s just get to know what an IP is:

What is an IP?

An IP address is the address of a server that is divided into four chunks or blocks namely A-block, B-block, C-block and D-block.

Earlier, it was possible to utilize SEO hosting service providers who allow you to use a wide range of C-block IP addresses. However, owing to the enhancement in the efficiency of search engines and the introduction of a number of robust algorithms, it is not possible to employ this technique since the search engines are almost always expecting numerous different IP addresses.
The solution to this conundrum is to make use of a number of hosting service providers who boast good reputations. In addition, it is also essential to ensure that you use disparate DNS addresses that are being employed by legal and trustworthy websites.

The overarching aim of this entire exercise is to get natural quality backlinks since it is always desirable to get backlinks from blogs that are being hosted by service providers who have not a single blemish against their names and brands. The actual issue with this technique is that it requires you to spend lots of time, money and resources.

The users of WordPress powered websites, like millions of users on the internet, ought to make sure that they keep their themes, plugins and websites updated, backed up and safe from any potential threat. This is extremely vital because in case you are unable to keep your WordPress updated, you’ll leave your website vulnerable to attacks from hackers who are on the prowl 24/7 searching out for their victims like voracious predators. Any negligence in this regard will leave you looking down the barrel with a part, if not the entire PBN lost.

We recommend you to backup your website and blog data on a regular basis. This will help you out in case of any undesired situation. Moreover, it will also make the transport of your website from an offline server to a new one a matter of just a few minutes.

Automating PBNs

We all are familiar with the self-driving cars that have been introduced by Tesla, Toyota and all the other car manufacturing giants. If cars can be self-driven, then a bunch of PBN blogs could also be automatically managed somehow. ebn-hosting

Easy Blog Networks – 1-Click PBN Hosting and Automation Solution

With the help of Easy Blog Networks (a PBN hosting service), you can install your blogs with a single click on a wide range of servers hosted by popular hosting service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, HP Cloud etc. This automating solution ensures that your WordPress, themes and Plugin stay updated while taking regular backups of your website.

Content Basics

Do you remember how we defined PBNs? PBNs, we said, were used to mimic high quality organic backlinks. Your PBN blogs should appear as much natural, organic and legitimate as possible. You don’t want to be risking your good progress by posting degenerate, poor quality content to a plain blog that looks as if it portrays nothing but large chunks of text that make no sense whatsoever.


It is recommended that you publish only the content is able to pass through Copyscape, is unique and does not include any formatting or grammatical errors. Grammarly or HemingwayApp can be extremely helpful in this regard.

Once your blog is underway, you should publish five posts in the initial few days. This should be followed by weekly and subsequently monthly posts. Your blog must boast at least 10 to 15 posts once you slow down the rate of publishing to one post per month.


Try and make use of a variety of unique themes and patterns in addition to media (videos, images, infographics), headlines and rich text to your blog posts. Integration of banners to your website will give it an outlook similar to all the other natural blogs out there on the world wide web.

Social Profiles

You can create author profiles on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. This will be an excellent source of some decent backlinks initially and give your blog an impression it needs.

Where to Find Inexpensive Content

A very important segment of your PBN is the content which has to be unique, high quality, readable and should be written with a motive to keep the user engaged. If you post content that is outdated, copied and is of poor quality, you won’t get the desired results. As far as the content is concerned, you have three primary options:

  • Use private lable or scraped articles with an article spinner and then review them manually
  • Hire content writers to write unique content for you
  • Restore the old website

Using Private Label or Scraped Articles

Private Label content, also known as Private Label Rights (PLR), can be defined as the content that is proliferated by the buyers. In order to ensure its uniqueness, it will need a spin off. We are proud to be running the biggest PLR search engine, Big Content Search, which boasts more than 128,000 articles and about 1,000 ebooks that can be used for any purpose whatsoever.
An article scraper that crawls through article directories can also be used and according to their Terms of Use, you ought to ensure that the outgoing link is directed towards the author’s homepage but who cares! Right? (pun intended!). Big Article Scraper opens the doors of around 1.7 million articles to you.
An article spinner or concocter can prove to be very useful to give your articles a semblance of uniqueness alongside the above mentioned resources. Ensure that your articles are reviewed by yourself and are free of any grammatical errors. Spin Rewriter is by far the best article spinner out there that has been developed by our comrade Aaron Sustar.

Uniquely Written Content

Your blog is in dire need of content that is unique, boasts high quality and is well-researched and well-articulated. You can find out a number of services out there but since we discriminate (pun intended!), we would recommend our friend Colin Klinkert’s service Green Light Articlez.

Restore the Old Website

It is a pretty natural way of doing things and appears as if the previous owner just forgot to get the domain renewed. You can hire the services of Wayback Downloader for merely $15 per website to restore the old ones. They propose to import the existing website to WordPress for some additional amount to make the content management part a lot easier for you.

Designing Your PBN Blogs

Do you want to play a game? It’s called PBN blogs or not? Since we have been covering this topic for quite some time now, we can know which one is a PBN blog within the blink of an eye. It shouldn’t be difficult for you either!

Which is the PBN Blog?

Right then! Here comes the question! Which one is a PBN blog; one which was extracted from the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or the other one? It’s not hard! Or is it? The answer is simple: the one to the right has been taken from the first page of the SERPs.pbnblog1

Let’s shoot another question! Which is the PBN blog?

One has been taken from the first page of the SERPs and the other one extracted from a PBN building service.
This one’s surely lot more complex! The answer is the one to the left has been taken from the SERPs.pbnblog2

How Do Most Deindexed Blogs Look?

Take a guess! How do the deindexed blogs look like generally? They look same as that Home Business Opportunities blog; it is simple, plain, contains chunks of text, no photographs or images, no videos or even social personas! The chances of a blog getting deindexed are greatly reduced if it contains unique high quality content and is good-looking.

So you should be extremely careful and review your blogs several times before you are about to finish the construction of your PBN blogs. You can have a look at a blog post by Daryl at LionZeal which authentically covers this topic: How To Structure Your PBN Sites to Pass Manual Reviews.

Action Plan

Quick Start Plan

For your first PBN blog you require three essential items: domains, hosting and content and design. The entire setup in reality depends on the amount of financial resources you are willing to allocate for this purpose. You just have to remember that a 10 blog PBN is the minimum requirement to attain some viable results. Any PBN smaller than this won’t reap you rich dividends.

I have a tiny budget

You can look through the free domains at Hammerhead Domains. Try and find out the most formidable ones. Keep an eye at 10 domains at least.
You can subscribe to the economy plan on the Easy Blogs Network which allows you to host 10 blogs at $29 per month.
Content and Design
You will have to write at least 5 articles in advance for each blog and post another 5 in the first month. Subsequently, you’ll be required to write just 1 blog per month. It is essential to add Contact, About and Privacy pages to each of the blogs. If you are not feeling like writing so much stuff, you can resort to Spin Rewriter so that you do not have to write everything right from the beginning. Simple and easy!


I have a budget of $500

You can get yourselves registered for free accounts at The Domain Name, Hammerhead Domains and PBNHQ Domains. Go through all the services and decide for yourself which one suits you the most. In this case, you should be looking to build a PBN of at least 20 blogs.
You can subscribe to a slightly more expensive plan on the Easy Blogs Network which allows you to host 20 blogs at $49 per month.
Content and Design
If you have that much money up your sleeves, you can get 5 blogs from Easy Blog Networks Done-for-You blogs at just $199. In this plan, you will be offered completely designed and built blogs, a unique descriptive article alongside the author’s biography. You can replicate it for the remaining blogs yourself.
Moreover, for more content, you can get yourself registered at the Easy Blogs Network’s Content Module which can be accessed by the members only. This service fetches articles from Big Content Search, re-write them and post them to your blog automatically for merely $0.04 per article. However, it is always advisable to go through the articles once before publishing them.

I have a budget of $1000+

Domains, Content and Design
With such a huge budget in your wallet reserved for your PBN, you can set up a PBN of 50 blogs. The simplest method to accomplish this is to purchase Done-for-You PBN from Easy Blog Networks which will also include a domain, a social media profile and a fully designed blog. If you think that this is a bit expensive, then just have a review of the previous plan and you will find out that is essentially the older one with just a larger number of blogs.
Get yourself registered with the Webmaster plan on Easy Blogs Network which offers you a great deal of 50 blogs for $99 per month.
Content and Design
The same strategy as described above would do fine in this case as well. You just have to ensure that you do it correctly and the number of articles and their content should be of good quality.


When looking for decent aged and expired domains, you can try out the following checklist: Checklist for finding expired domains
Here’s the checklist for PBN footprints when you are on your quest to construct your first network of blogs:
Checklist for PBN footprints

For SEO Beginners

If you are still getting yourself familiarized with the art and science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and are still not sure about a number of concepts and practices, then you should participate in James Upjohn’s Ranking Rabbit course. It is a phenomenal instructional course that is comprehensive and will help you get a grasp of all the requisite techniques within no time at all. Moreover, you can also join a hyper-active Facebook community where James turns in every week or so and discusses some brilliant techniques, tips and tricks with his loyal followers. You can go for a week long trial for just $7.

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