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Increase Rank List with RankerX (Review)

Getting your website to move up the ladder and grab a spot in the top Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs) is no simple task these days by any stretch of imagination. Can Rank List be increased with RankerX? You can find out my observations after I toyed with this tool for a few days.

Click here to visit RankerX and Why not checkout few features at following infographics.

Important: You can avail a lifetime offer for a couple of days. We were in luck enough to get one and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting hands on this piece of software. It will certainly be a great bet!

What the heck is RankerX and how we can increase rank list (TF/CF/DA/PA) ?

This is exactly what I ended up wondering when I found my way across it in a GSA forum thread. The first sight gives you the same feeling you would get with an FCS Networker Rankwyz. But there was something odd about it! Strange enough to keep me interested in it. And so I went for the initial week long trial. I am not quite sure what made me stick to it at the outset. Was it the uncluttered interface and a gamut of platforms including Web 2.0 or my need an utmost desire to stumble upon a fine quality tier 1 link builder?

First Impression: Blown Away?

Let’s get a few things straight! RankerX distinguishes itself from a lot of other SEO softwares available in the market. One may refer to it as an overlap of programs such as SeNuke,Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon and other submission websites like FCS Networker and Rankwyz or even social media platforms such as Facebook.


So, with RankerX, you are not going to get a stuffy and cramped up interface. You will not have to connect to your Virtual Private Server (VPS) every now and then to include or even modify a project. All these things forecast some really exciting stuff ahead.

The Performance: Testing the Beast

We have explored that the software looks pretty cool, gooey and romantic. It’s time we discuss the things that actually matter. Let’s take a peek under the trunk and see what RankerX has to offer to us!

RankerX has loads to offer to its clients: it allows the users to be registered automatically completely hassle-free. It enables the users to manage, post and share content to about 57 web 2.0 blogs, personas and centralized online services that allow users to store and share internet bookmarks such as WordPress, Tumblr, Jimdo, Jigsy, Diigo and others. The users can also use it for sharing their content on 600 other platforms such as exhaustive article archives, websites where internet users store their bookmarks, online encyclopedias, personas created for forums and websites and other social medial platforms such as Drupal, Buddypress, PHPFox, Jcow, Dophin and plenty more. What’s more you ask? Well, you can even go onto add customized platforms to this detailed list. Technically speaking, this SEO software has the capacity to quite comfortably build two or even three tiers for you.

Having said that, the highlight of this amazing software are the top-of-the-line websites that require to be updated at regular intervals of time. And mind you there are not too many services that offer postings to such sites. This beast of a software can create user accounts and post and share content to get backlinks on 50 to 55 top quality websites in just about 5 minutes. Pretty impressive, eh! Here’s the shocking part: it guarantees a success rate of 85% – 95%. This is a stupendous piece of software that has been designed to function on 64 bit operating systems at 100 threads comfortably. Moreover, it also comes with an automated scheduling system alongside a wizard that takes the user through simple steps to create campaigns that can bombard the target platforms with top quality content for up to a month.


Creating a Campaign

The Wizard or the Turbo Wizard features in RankerX render the task of creating a campaign or a project very simple free of any complexities whatsoever. We prefer the Wizard tool that lets you exercise more control over what you are doing and also allows you to create a diagram; a feature similar to the old-school SEO softwares that used to be so popular among the experts of the game.

It is evident from the diagram that have created a single tier structure comprising leading social media platforms, top-of-the-line online services for storing and sharing internet bookmarks, websites for posting and sharing PDF documents and others for sharing press releases. You can save more intricate figures and even use them for other projects and campaigns once you get the hang of it. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in this entire process:

  1. Project Linking: A user starts creating or loading the diagram right here
  2. Basic Info: You can add website URLs and relevant keywords on the basis of percentage
  3. Email: You can either enter your own email or use some other one. 20 emails can be added on daily basis
  4. User Profile: You can enter the required information yourself or just utilize the automatically generated content
  5. Content: You can either make use of third party softwares such as Article Builder or Kontent machine to build content or even upload your own content. The choice is yours!
  6. Site Tier 1: You can choose websites that you want to be included in tier 1
  7. Site Tier 2: Choose sites that you want to be used for tier 2 or leave it blank
  8. Scheduling: You can choose the time and date when you want the software to start posting and sharing content for you and for how long do you want it to continue this exercise
  9. Confirm and Create: Save all the above information that you entered and build your campaign

Once you’ve provided all the requisite information, the campaign will be created automatically and your desired content will be posted and started at the target websites according to your given schedule. Of course, you can also modify any of the settings at any time you deem appropriate and reconfigure your campaign or project according to your requirements.







So Why RankerX?

We had been in search of a quality software or a service that allowed users to create content and post and share it on premium top-of-the-line websites for the last couple of years. The issue that comes to the fore with tools such as GSA, SeNuke, Magic Submitter and others such as these is that when it comes to authoritative websites, they do not promise much and give you a success rate that is not worth all the hassle. In contrast, third party services of the likes of FCS Networker and SiteWyz despite having a decent rate of success are only capable of posting content and are extremely slow in speed or are full of bugs that keep irritating and annoying the users.

Here’s an example of what we mean by all this. We had the patience to use RankWyz for three months and had to stop using it because of the plethora of errors in it and the absence of a feature that could create user accounts. Our experience with FCS Networker has been a bit better though. We still possess more than 5k web 2.0s on it but its feature that creates user accounts has become redundant because of which you only get about half of the accounts according to your need at the end of the day which is not sufficient at all.

In comparison to the above mentioned situation, RankerX is able to set you free from the stranglehold of all these issues. You do not have to purchase accounts since the account creator feature in RankerX builds accounts with up to 100 threads. It is very powerful, fast, responsive, intuitive and we haven’t discovered any errors or bugs in this piece of software so far.

However, as with all the good things in the world, there are a few disappointing things about RankerX. According to our extensive series of tests, the software can use up to 3 GB of RAM when functioning at full throttle. In spite of its knack of using so much of your system’s memory, it still will be able to run quite efficiently on most of the machines out there or even a nice Virtual Private Server without encountering any issues. A Virtual Private Server with 1 GB memory should be able to support it quite well if the threads are reduced.

Proxies are also required for RankerX to function flawlessly. So, we suggest you to start off with 10 semi or reserved ones. A user can create and post content on about 500 authoritative and high quality websites with only 10 proxies, i.e., when on proxy per account is being used.

How Does That Compare to Competition?

There’s no competition whatsoever with SeNuke and Magic Submitter in terms of price since both these start at more than $60.00 per month, do not provide any reliable support for high quality websites and still require a good machine and proxies to function properly.

How About RankWyz and FCS Networker?

These couple of softwares are pretty decent when you consider that you won’t be needing a computer or VPS or proxies to run them. They both sport a non-cluttered interface similar to RankerX and also provide support for a number of top quality websites. We prefer FCS Networker to RankWyz since we found out the former one to be a lot more powerful, user-friendly and reasonably priced as opposed to the later one.

Here’s an example, for about 15,000 post submissions, FCS Networker will cost you roughly about $49.00 per month while RankWyz will cost you about $74.99 for the same number of submissions. Annual charges for RankWyz will be around $56.24 if the number of submissions is kept the same. And mind you this is the cheapest plan one can get for RankWyz!

On the contrary, with FCS Networker, one can get a pretty reasonable plan of $19.00 for 3,000 submissions. This is a pretty damn good deal on offer and you can get to know more about FCS Networker in my review. However, if you are seriously considering to boost your rankings, then you need at least 15,000 accounts especially if you want your videos to rank higher.


Based on all the above discussion, we deem RankerX to be the most reasonably priced option to have hit the shelves. If you are really interested in building top quality tier 1 and even tier 2 without any restrictions, then $29.00 + $15 VPS + $10 proxies = $55.99 is not a bad bargain at all. This makes RankerX the best SEO software out there as compared to SeNuke, Magic Submitter, RankWyz, FCS Networker or any other alternative.

If you still have your doubts about this software, grab your week long free trial version and decide for yourself if it’s really what we believe it to be! Our recommendation for proxies incase you like to boost your web2.0 submission with RankerX.


  • My Private Proxy – The semi dedicated proxies offered haven’t been banned from Google . You have an option between USA or Europe based ones.
  • Squid Proxies – Drawback for SquidProxies is they seem to be being blocked quickly by Google. Also, SquidProxies seems to get stuck in rank tracking software.


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