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The best among the contents is equal to nothing if people are ignorant of it. It has to be made public to be acclaimed by the people. Same is true of blogs as the toughest part of a blog is to attract traffic to it. To address the issue of driving traffic to your blog BuzzBundle is one among best tools. It will attract more people to yourself and your blog and drive more traffic to your website.

Traffic is not the last thing you need to build sales and enhance revenue for you. Only targeted traffic can serve the purpose. So how targeted traffic can be driven to your website?   Buzz Bundle is the key to engage people with you and your contents.

This article features:
– How Social Media Engagement Works To Drive Traffic Towards A Specific Web Content?
– The Introduction-What is BuzzBundle?
– How To Initiate With BuzzBundle
– How To Spot Points Where Your Targeted Audience Is Hovering Online?
– How To Yield The Maximum Return From Social Media Websites
– Is BuzzBundle Worth Spending Money
– How To Use BuzzBundle-Step By Step
– Pros And Cons
– The Final Word

How Social Media Engagement Works To Drive Traffic Towards A Specific Web Content

As a blogger or website operator you definitely have been wishing that you could reach more people and expand your targeted audience quickly.

How this goal can be achieved?

It is simple. You only have to spot where your target audience is hovering over online and present your content to them

Social media is necessary because it gives you an opportunity to get in front of big targeted audience. With that kind of engagement with so many people you find yourself facing new opportunities to attract ideally matched audience.  In order to make this work using social media you must have a tool like BuzzBundle. With the help of this review you will learn how BuzzBundle intelligently and smartly make it possible to lay your content before right people at the right time.

If you want by-pass this review, the good news for you is that BuzzBundle provides a free version. In order to check it yourself download and install the free version and use it as long as you like.

Still want to glance through, ok let us have some details.
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The Introduction-What is BuzzBundle?

BuzzBundle is, without doubt, a tool to ease out your social media activities.It is not a cloud based tool.  It’s rather software based. It means that you don’t have to pay periodical payments in case you are not using the tool regularly.  It is always there for you to manage all of your social media campaigns, right from the start i.e. from the account creation process to the social communication.

With the help of BuzzBundle you can find out web blog, social networking sites discussion boards and forum where people are discussing about the topics related to your business.  You can then monitor further reports to help keep an eye on the discussion to manage you on top of the conversation


BuzzBundle Is amazingly simple to manage and use.  For instance these are the first two functions:

  • Creating Different Personas
  • Creating Multiple User Profiles

These two work hand in glove with each other in such an intelligent manner that I always feel sorry for not using it earlier. If I had been using it earlier it would have been a game changer for me. Before BuzzBundle my main headache, regarding my social networking techniques was that I had to maintain a lot of accounts including those on behalf of top guns of the organization to my personal ones. Thanks to BuzzBundle now all these accounts are maintained very effectively.

BuzzBundle works by helping you add different personas.  You can create one for yourself, one for the advertising manager, one for the advertising team and even add a persona for your targeted audience.  With each persona, it is possible to create a lot of social profiles for different social networks accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn etc.  Simultaneously, different forum profiles, weblogs and Yahoo Answers can be included with the help of this software

How to Initiate With BuzzBundle?

Upon opening the software, you need to create a project and save it on your PC.  You can create various projects with different tasks and you can manage them from the menus in the right hand corner.  There are some configurations that you need to tweak before getting started; otherwise you may have some problems in handling the projects.

  • Start with the safety setting search.
  • The reason of the specific search of safety settings is that with too many queries the software can be used to scrape search engine data and search engine like Google may start giving you captcha for verifications.
  • In the user agent tab, to start off, you should enable all of the “human emulation” setting and then select the “random user agent” option.
  • If you are tracking a lot of keyword you may need to use web proxy servers to find correct result, otherwise there is no need to use this feature.
  • At this point you can start using personas. It is completely your choice as to how you divide your projects to different personas. However, one thing is clear that splitting down each of your task into its own identity is a good strategy in the beginning
  • At this point you can add all of your social media accounts/profiles.


How To Spot Points Where Your Targeted Audience Is Hovering Online?

Searching out and discovering the spots where your potential audience hang out online is the first step in this regard as the remaining work is to be done by BuzzBundle.

You must find your audience at appropriate time, and that is why having a software like BuzzBundle to monitor conversation make sense.

If you want BuzzBundle to monitor conversations and keep an eye on discussion posts, you have to include a keyword group and select some key terms for the software to look for.  My initial search was with some very broad keyword which got a lot of result but most of them could not be used.

One has to stick to more specific keywords to get more relevant result.

Now you start putting streams for some social media websites and also social profile by using the streams tab so that interaction can be made through BuzzBundle.

You have four columns to use. One of them is for the Q&A websites for instance Yahoo Answers.  It may be noted that since Yahoo has closed its API, BuzzBundle is unable to draw results of Yahoo. No doubt it is not good for us but this matter is out of control for BuzzBundle. Yahoo had made it impossible to get result for a lot of other software too.  Another interesting thing is that you can add additional filter and customize your stream to find the website you want.

After setting up your stream by customizing different properties, you can hit the “Find Buzz” button and BuzzBundle will start searching the requisite websites. In the bottom right hand of taskbar of the software panel, percentage bar is available.  If you want to check more detail about streaming parameters, that are working on given tasks of searching the websites, you can check the percentage bar. Once finished after achieving required percentage, you will see your stream full of results

Now you can respond through BuzzBundle (some website will require setting up of accounts, e.g. Discussion Board, Forums etc.).  Social networking sites require a little bit more discussion; we’ll do it later, because there is a lot more you can do with them.  Another organizing tool is there for you with the help of which you can either pull in private massages from your profile or search social networks for your keywords easily.

How To Yield The Maximum Return From Social Media Websites? 

Social media management is, no doubt, time consuming, but if you have multiple projects in hand it will take a lot more time.

  • BuzzBundle provides a variety of functionalities at your fingertip for saving your precious time.
  • If you wish to split out your social profiles according to different works.
  • It is to be noted that each persona can have only one user profile for each and every network added.
  • You can have a maximum of two personas in the free version, but with paid version you can enjoy as many personas as you can.
  • There is tab called “my activities”and you can start using it to schedule social media up dates, after adding the personas and profiles.
  • Another wonderful feature is that you can quickly scan through your social schedule and add notes.
  • Now you can add your social massages.

 Is BuzzBundle Worth Spending Money?

  • Before spending any money on this software, it is worth assessing the value for money.
  • Time is commonly known equal to money, and that is why the time this software saves for me is an essential part of my problem solving suit.
  • These results of attracting potential audience can otherwise be achieved, i.e. without using BuzzBundle. But it will take longer time. This software is definitely one of the best tools for saving times.  It is worth mentioning here that BuzzBundle can also be used as a free version, with some limited features only. It can still be very useful for you. In any case it is a wonderful mean to test the software.
  • One of the advantages of the premium version is that it will give you six months of servicing updates. These updates are meant to encourage the programmers to keep up with the development of social networking sites.  Many of us do not want to spend money for update version. However, in this case it cannot be considered a sustainable business.
  • To conclude we can say that the software will be better protected with these updates. These updates are available as per your requirement on monthly basis (at £6.95/month).  Buy it for more months and pay lesser cost (up to£3.05/month for 36 months).

How To Use BuzzBundle-Step By Step?

So far we have learned that if you want to use BuzzBundle, you have to

  1. Add a new project
  2. Click next after adding website URL
  3. Give keywords according to your requirement to search conversation related to your need.
  4. After reaching your preferred social networking site hit “Finish”

Your Conclusion?

A cloud based app is definitely preferred over software.  Because with the help of cloud based app you can get access from anywhere. But the cost of accessibility is very high as these tools are very expensive.  Other than the drawback of accessibility, I love this software.  Although it has a steep learning curve, yet it does not cause major problems with complicated keys and functions. It is also worthwhile because you are going to use it for a bigger purpose.

Instead of becoming over smart I would advise you to initially go for free version to analyze it from your perspective that how much you can do with it.  It is your opinion that matters finally.

Download it, give it a try and then decide.


  • You can try free version before making final decision.
  • With the help of scheduling tool you can direct the software to complete the searches on autopilot.
  • This software has made it very easy for you to create social accounts.
  • Customize your work.
  • Schedule social media updates with ease.
  • Group different projects/brands together under different unique personas.
  • Support Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin profiles.


  • It is not a cloud based app
  • It can sometime be slow when drawing out the result.
  • Proxies are required to be purchased, in case you put a large number of keywords.
  • The “search safely” setting is disabled by default


The Final Word

If you can devote few hours a day you can have marvelous results, by using BuzzBundle.  It provides you with countless means to develop and increase targeted traffic .In order to reach to potential audience, I have added additional keywords, related to my search, concerning my content that I have posted. To achieve my objectives, my approach is very simple.  After identifying my audience, develop communication with them and present my content, related to their interest.  I facilitate everyone, and they are signing up for my blogs and getting through my affiliated websites and discussing my contents.

With the help of BuzzBundle whole of this process become very fast.

BuzzBundle opens up the doors of profitable source of monitoring the web for important discussions and trends that can be turned into opportunities to expand your targeted audience.


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