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Spin Articles with Spin ReWriter (Review)

I made a big mistake while buying Spin Rewriter.  Don’t think it was buying the product itself.  The mistake was underestimating the discount offer of Gold Membership at the time of   purchase.  It is generally thought that upsells are nothing but a means to earn more profit for traders, but exceptions are always there, although very rare. And the upsells that come along with Spin Rewriter are of real worth.

Before making any decision about buying Spin Rewriter (latest version) or otherwise, let us review the software.

The Real Difficulty- Creating Content

As web marketers, our success mainly depends on our potential to develop rare and rich content that will touch our reader and make them to buy our product. I can very well understand that while sitting before the computer screens, I often wonder that how I can come up with my new piece of writing that is usually on a subject, about which I know nothing.  We regularly require content for link building campaign and PBN post.  This is quite a different story; so far as the current situation is concerned we have to create, at times, thousands of unique articles for only one campaign.  In case you are using automatic link building software like RankerX (Increase website rank with few click – read RankerX Review) of GSASER, the most difficult part of your campaign is to source original content for your campaigns.

What is quality content?                                           

One can easily tell after visiting a website that spun content is being utilized by it.  First of all whole of the content does not make any sense, and even at its best it looks like as if it has been written by some non-English speaking person.  Google is making rapid advancement every day and it has become very difficult for any article full of gibberish and nonsense material to do any good to your website.  It might literally leave some negative impact to your website’s ranking.  Bulk content creator like Kontent Machine are, in my opinion, are suffice only for only 2nd and 3rd tier links.  But the requirement of articles for tier 1 powerhouse links is still required to be addressed. There is no doubt, as I have already tried, and never been able to find an article, fit to suit my need of content to be used on tier 1, with Kontent Machine.  It is not that I don’t love Kontent Machine.  It has always been helpful to me but at no cost I would recommend it for tier 1 content.

The solution is the Spin Rewriter.

I experimented a lot and used almost every tool available in the market for creating content that I could use for tier one link.  The best I could find were Spin Rewriter and WordAi . It will be out of place to make a head to head comparison between the two.  So I am not going into details about pros and cons of WordAi but my reason for choosing Spin Rewriter was that with same quality it costs me over $200 less annually.  The Spin Rewriter has impressed me to a great extent.  You can rewrite the requisite article with just one click. It is highly recommended to use one click rewriting for your tier 1 links, but it is not advisable to use the content for a money site. In order to avoid any risk of errors, whatsoever you need to load articles in and manually rewrite them.sp-spin-rewriter-box

Spin Rewriter Feature

  • Collect relevant articles based on seed phrase or keywords for spinning within seconds. More than 126000 high quality articles immediately become available at your disposal.
  • Spin Rewriter in collaboration with Microsoft Word complete spell checking and grammar checking.
  • It has a big database for content search because of Spin Rewriter’s integration with most SEO software including Kontent Machine, RankerX, Big Content Search, etc.
  • Spin Rewriter can auto insert images and You Tube videos.
  • In addition to above there are many more wonderful features that you will discover more once you start using it.

Why I love Spin Rewriter

API Integration

Spin Rewriter is very adaptable and integrates with almost any SEO software.  You are at liberty to post high quality articles easily and rapidly.  The sole drawback it has is that you get about 300 API requests every 24 hours.  If you are managing multiple campaigns imagine the level of your consumption.

Article retrieval

Spin Rewriter is a big time saver.  Only with the help of few keywords Spin Rewriter can create a sound article that can later be easily spun.  Gold Members  have a monthly limit of article that they are allowed to fetch.

Click and Spin

There is a feature that I use to create content for money sites.  After feeding an article into Spin Rewriter you are free to get synonyms of any word only by clicking the word. If you like you can add your own synonyms to be used later.  It is the type of software that learns from its users and getting smarter gradually.

Create Multiple Articles

At a time you can copy/paste up to 10 articles and spin them. It is up to you to download the completed articles or you can download in Spintax format.  One can import content from files if required.  You can make out 10 articles, ready to be posted, within few moments. The only disadvantage it has is that you can spin only 10 articles at a time. The sole objective of this restriction is to decrease the load from server.

Convenient To Use.

Spin Rewriter is unbelievably easy to use and if you know how to read, you can produce content at a massive scale.  Initially when I used it on trial bases, I was very much impressed that as to how quickly I was able to grasp all the functions of the software.

It is easy to use but it does not mean that it is less powerful.  Every time when I log in I discover new techniques.  For instance, once I completely forgot how to fetch articles until one day a button was clicked by me by chance and it prompted to enter keywords.

Gold Membership

If you miss the chance of purchasing the gold membership during the process of signup, the price of gold membership is $49. When I was signing up, I said no to the gold membership, consequently I ended up going back later on to buy it.  With the gold membership, along with getting 50 free Spintax articles each month, you get access to priority servers for quick spinning.

Main features of Gold Membership

  • You will get 50 free articles every month. These articles are delivered right to your email and your Spin Rewriter Archive.
  • You will have limited access account for your virtual assistant and your virtual assistant have access to Spin Rewriter with limited features. They are not allowed to delete anything or change the passwords, but they are only to spin articles on for you to actually assist you.
  • Another feature you will be able to use, with gold membership is iPhone and Andriod App. This let you do your work on the go. One can very well imagine the benefits of spinning the articles from anywhere in the world.  Isn’t it a real time saver?
  • Priority server will be available to you for faster spinning. With the help of this feature you beat the crowds and makes Spin Rewriter even faster.  When you get priority access to a special server the spinning times will be reduced remarkably.
  • Priority sport is also there for you, to help you whenever required.spinrewriter-bonus

General  Impression Of Spin Rewriter

I found the software exceptionally helpful and it comes to my use every day in one way or the other.  It may be in the shape of manually spinning the content for a money site or using the API to create mass amount of articles daily. I have to use it daily.

If you are thinking about buying other software like WordAI  , Kontent Machine, SEO Content Machine etc., I advise you very sincerely to at least sign up for Spin Rewriter’s free trial.  Later on if you think it is not for you, you can cancel easily by one click after logging into paypal.  And if your need is limited to only few articles for one time project you can sign up for the trial version and later on cancel.  At least you are able to get a bundle of good articles for nothing.

If you are the one who need a content generation and spinning solution it is highly recommendable for you. The only other comparable article spinner, WordAi  is far more expensive than Spin Rewriter.  So far as Kontent Macine is concerned it cannot compete with Spin Rewriter in terms of quality.  I am very much positive that Spin Rewriter will impress you if you give it a try.


Example of Spin Rewriter.

Original Sentence: “As internet marketers, our success often depends on our ability to create unique, rich content that will engage our readers and urge them to purchase our products.”

Spun Sentence: “As web marketing professionals, our success commonly relies on our capability to produce distinct, abundant material that will certainly captivate our visitors and also advise them to buy our items.”

Above sentence was created using the Medium Readability setting without protecting any word.  It is quite evident that Spin Rewritergenerate high quality content even in Medium mode.



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