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Build High Quality Backlinks with AutoFillMagic (Review)

A thorough study and in-depth analysis of content written on building free backlinks reveals that most popular high PR web 2.0 sites are of great significance in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Most of the SEO experts, the world over, have been utilizing web 2.0 destinations as legitimate and effective sources for creating backlinks. Tools such as SEnuke XCR, Ultimate Demon, Sick Submitter etc. have been designed for the sole purpose of assisting in the implementation of the dull and monotonous tasks of building backlinks and off-site optimization. However,  there remain question marks against the efficacy of these tools as it has been observed that the algorithms employed by Google are mostly predilected towards promoting backlinks created manually.

The Solution

Against all the aforementioned backdrop, could there be any solution to this conundrum? Is there any automated solution available to get rid of this issue once and for all? Even if an automated solution is there, can that automated solution present a semblance of manual work to the Google’s algorithms? As a matter of fact, we do have a solution to this dilemma and it is AutoFill Magic. It is a pretty handy tool that supports the creation of backlinks from web 2.0 locales; it is compatible with more than 120 websites; boasts a brilliantly high success rate; and is able to perform both the manual as well as the automated building of backlinks.

When it comes to the success rate, you alone are responsible for getting the maximum dividends from AutoFillMagic and nothing needs to be left on chance, as is the case with automated tools. AutoFill Magic has features which are quite similar to Roboform and sports a functionality to the latter one as well.


Special Discount

There are experts out there who would argue that since Roboform has features that are in common with AutoFil Magic and it comes for free, so Roboform turns out to be a better choice in their point of view. Remember that AutoFill Magic is offered at $12 to $15 (use the discount code BHW-SPECIAL to get the product for $12.99 for the initial month). Here’s the catch though! Roboform expedites the process of account registration and auto login. However, it is not effective in building backlinks from web 2.0 sites and also does not offer support for Rich Text Editor. It also does not include support for same spin syntax in case of duplicate content in websites. Let’s have a look at the key differences between the two tools:

  1. AutoFill Magic is compatible with more than 120 web 2.0 sites including Article Directory
  2. It is equipped to automatically fill in content in Rich Text Editor
  3. Supports automatic Captcha solution (Decaptcher, Death by captcha)
  4. Saves the newly built backlink
  5. It offers support for spinning content
  6. It is capable to subscribe multitudes of sites simultaneously while a random profile is boasted by each site containing profile information. Hundreds of different forms and templates can be created
  7. Automated profile generation (no need to fill in the forms manually)
  8. Tool is compatible with websites with Flash
  9. Also supports shortcuts
  10. It can work with most of the websites (even those sites which have not been included in the support list)

To get the maximum out of the tool, FireFox web browser is recommended by us. Here’s the link to get the plugin. Also Visit AutoFillMagic here.


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