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Bolster your internet marketing productivity with Trello

If you have landed on this page, you must be acquainted with Trello regarding its motive and its functioning. Even if you are not familiar with what it is, you should know that it is a handy tool that we will be discussing in this post. Trello is an online tool that helps you create to-do lists to enhance your productivity. These lists can be created in different patterns but my favorite format is in the style of Kanban boards.

Trello is very user friendly and is predicated on boards. A board is essentially a unique group of lists and cards that assist in distinguishing your tasks from each other. Lists are fields within boards that cover the different stages of your tasks or events. On the other hand, cards are entries onto your lists that you can move around with ease. You can add numerous text entries into your cards to monitor your progress.

For instance, you can set up a Trello board for each of your websites. Inside each board, you can configure a list in the style of Kanban boards. You can then go onto adding cards to your “Do” list and move them to your different lists to track your progress.

Basic Template for AdSense and Amazon Trello Boards

Even if you have developed and configured tons of websites over a period of time, you are bound to forget one step or another if you do not follow your to-do lists. To accomplish this, you can set up your trello boards that can help you with your websites. You can set up one board for AdSense and the other one for Amazon based websites.

As can be seen in the screenshots, the boards are quite simple but have a few tasks that are specific to each of their monetization types. Whenever you are about to configure a new website, you can simply replicate a board, name it after the new website and then begin tracking your progress through that board.

Once the initial steps have been accomplished, you can then begin to add the content orders for the particular project.

You may add the content orders with the naming convention of “Target keywords”. As more work is completed on a given website, you can go onto adding more tasks to the relevant board on Trello for the website.

You may add backlinking, additional content orders and click through rate optimization task cards to the website’s board on Trello. Since a Click Through Rate optimization task takes time to develop the requisite data, so it can be placed in the “Doing” list until it is completed. Similarly, if you receive a content order from your writing team but have not published it on the website, it can also be placed in the “Doing” list.

How to track content orders using Trello

In addition to managing your content orders for a particular website via their respective boards on Trello, you can also set up a dedicated board to handle your global content orders. You can share this Trello board with your virtual assistant to carry out the editorial duties so that they are able to move the task cards between the lists.

As can be seen in the screenshot, this board has only a couple of lists: Ordered and Completed. When a content order is placed for any website, it can be added to the Ordered list and once the article has been returned by the writer, it can be added to the completed list. The task card can be archived once the content has been published to the relevant website instead of moving it to the Posted list since you can have a dedicated log for your specific website to keep monitoring the work progress.

You can hire a virtual assistant to handle content orders and post the relevant content to the required websites as and when required. Setting up Trello boards would simply mean that you have to log in to the shared Trello boards and track the work progress from there with ease.

You can use this board developed for placing content orders to monitor any internet marketing related task that you are planning to outsource such as backlinking, domain orders and outreach requests.

Trello Board for a Blog

You can set up a Trello board for a certain blog with the following lists:

  • General post ideas: Ideas for posts such as the best subreddits of internet marketing professionals
  • Tutorial ideas: ideas based on tools, plugins and tips
  • Case study ideas: ideas for case studies to be covered in the future
  • Tools: list of tools to be reviewed in the future
  • In progress: posts that are in the process of being typed or edited
  • Complete: posts that have been published
  • Waiting for data: case studies that are running

This is how you can keep your post ideas for a blog segregated into different lists and hold cards in lists that require further actions such as In Progress or Waiting for Data.

You can click on a card edit option and select the edit labels option. This provides a traffic light system based priority mechanism:

  • Green: Action required as soon as possible
  • Yellow: Action required soon
  • Red: Ideas for future posts

You may drop the Red label and use the default unlabeled card for Future Post Ideas as it portrays the same graphical representation as the Red label but requires minimum physical effort.

The above screenshot represents how you can add sources and ideas to your cards. You simply have to add the URL to the cards comments section and press Send. The URL is then saved in the activity section of the card. This is a handy functionality for shared Trello boards but it can also be used to store information for later reference.

IFTTT Integration

Trello is one of hundreds of online platforms that come with IFTTT integration. You can add recopies relevant to Trello. You can see in the above screenshot wherein the recipe runs on the first of every month and adds a card telling you to make a productivity post in your In Process list.

There are other automated card recipes that can be used if you intend to integrate with any other applications that provide support for IFTTT integration.

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