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How to get 1500% extra Dropbox space free

This post is geared towards informing you about simple ways that can help you expand your cloud storage space while using a free Dropbox account. Dropbox is a cloud storage and synchronization service and lets number of users synchronize their data across different platforms and computing devices.

We generally use Dropbox to keep all of our VPs and servers synchronized with each other. This ensures that stuff such as my recently filtered GSA Search Engine Ranker list to be pushed out to all active VPs. This lets them access to the most updated list without having us to show our physical presence into each installation and manually add new files to the required folders or for one VP to dump a few scraped targets into a folder for another VP to pick them up and process them for us.

Dropbox is also used to maintain a backup our documents, photographs and videos since somehow mysteriously we end up losing out on any external hard drive and flash drives that we purchase.

Moreover, we also use Dropbox in numerous IFTTT strategies such as the one shown below which creates an automatic backup of each of our blog posts and saves it to our Dropbox account.

We also use the free WordPress plugin called as WordPress Backup to Dropbox to automatically run and create a complete backup of all our websites on weekly basis and save the created backup to our Dropbox account.

How to get the extra space free?

A new Dropbox account offers a 2GB free space upon registration. A user can get free space by using the following methods and visiting this URL:

Complete the Get Started Tour – 250MB

The Get Started tour provides a quick overview of the Dropbox services and features to the user. The tour is not more than a minute long and in turn offers the user permanent 250MB of extra space for free.

Connect Your Facebook account – 125MB

It does not take a lot of time for you to connect your Facebook account to Dropbox and you get 125MB permanently added to your storage space on Dropbox.

Connect Your Twitter account – 125MB

Similarly, by connecting your Twitter account to Dropbox allows you access to 125MB of extra space permanently for free.

Follow Dropbox on Twitter – 125MB

It won’t take long to follow Dropbox on Twitter but it will add 125MB to your storage space permanently on Dropbox.

If you are able to follow the same strategy into your products or services, it could be really handy since Dropbox has currently about 4.6 million followers on Twitter. We believe that a large number of their followers on Twitter are owing to the extra storage space that you get in return for the follow. This gives an easy method to Dropbox to promote their premium plans to their millions of followers.

Write a short review on what you like about Dropbox – 125MB

You can also have another 125MB of extra space added to your account for free by informing the Dropbox team why you use their service. It is simple form that you have to fill in and it won’t take lot of time, trust me.

Download Mailbox for iOS and Android and connect it to Gmail and Dropbox – 1GB

Dropbox have acquired the Mailbox app and now they are offering a whopping 1GB of extra space permanently to users for downloading it to their iOS or Android powered devices. We have not accomplished this task as yet since we are premium users of Dropbox, but apparently us seems to be a rather simple task for such a massive increase in storage space.

Refer Friends for up to 32GB of Extra storage space for free

This offer has been increased for 16GB as you get 1GB for each reference to a friend up to a maximum of 32GB.When we were using the free version of Dropbox, we made use of this offer to quickly increase our storage space for free.

Blackhat marketers tend to have plenty of email IDs and proxies. You can come up with tons of stuff to take advantage of this offer and expand your storage space on Dropbox to a maximum of 32GB.


We believe that plenty of you will be using Dropbox already or some other similar service for numerous purposes. So, we hope that this post will help you out in extending your storage space on Dropbox without having to pay loads of money on account of monthly subscriptions.

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