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Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa Rank Checker

This traffic analysis tool by Alexa will assist internet marketers in improving the ranking of their website on search engine result pages (SERPs). The tool is predicated on 90 days of traffic data which includes page views and user’s outreach. Hundreds of millions of internet users around the globe bank on Alexa toolbar. You can check out the popularity of your website using this handy tool which lets you keep an eye at the traffic visiting your website in an efficient manner. You can also acquire search engine, directory and toolbar services by visiting Alexa traffic rankings is one of the key parameters that is being sought after by thousands of website owners. The relationship between hosting and website file can be easily comprehended by the expeditious process of transforming the domain name into IP address format using the Domain into IP tool.

The Bulk Alexa Rank Checker lets you check out the Alexa ranking of hundreds of websites in a single go. You simply have to place all the links in the text box and hit Check Alexa Rank button and the results are displayed instantaneously. The tool also lets you export the results into an .CSV file so that you are able to keep a record of the results and analyze them as and when required. This lets you save plenty of time, money and resources. There is a huge difference between Alexa Ranking and Google’s Page ranking. When it comes to Google’s page ranking, a website at the top of the tree may not be able to attract a lot of traffic. So, a website’s ranking cannot be gauged entirely from its page rank. Alexa rankings are based on the traffic and number of page views on daily basis. It gives the number of visitors and the page views they have conducted. The difference between the existing rankings and the rankings 90 days ago can be observed for analytical purposes.

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