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AVG Antivirus Checker

AVG Antivirus Checker

Your website is examined against the AVG antivirus data source to figure out if your website is infected with a virus or not by this handy tool. You can enter as many as 20 URLs to verify if they are infected or not.

The website owner will be able to reduce his or her website from being hit by spam by getting acquainted with the blacklisted IP addresses. Some webmasters refuse to use blacklist lookup and hence their website also gets blocked thanks to spam. This results in thwarting their website visitors.

Anti-spam directories have been developed to assist webmasters in blocking blacklisted IP addresses from their website.

The AVG antivirus tool lets you enter as many as 20 URLs to verify if they are infected or not. The relevance of a website with regard to search engines can be examined using the Code to Text Ration checker.

You should ensure that your website is connected to an authentic anti-spam data source so that it is not hit by spam.

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