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Find DNS Records

Find DNS Records

Sometimes the webmasters are supposed to alter the domain server and their DNS is not accepted by any server. In such a situation, you should ensure that your website remains available to the target audience. The Find DNS Records tool will ensure that you get access to the exact records of Domain Name System (DNS). You simply have to copy the URL of the website into the textbox of the tool and click on the Submit button. The utility will display the DNS records of the website.

The tool will display information about the DNS, Nameserver and whois. It lets you search the required information for any domain. It allows the user to gauge the Time to Live (TTL) from the DNS records so that the website owners are able to adjust their website in accordance with the retrieved information. DNS records should be maintained by computers which are to be accessed by various DNS domains and active directories. You can also employ the broken links finder tool to help you in your digital marketing spree.

There are certain kinds of DNS records that are not used too often. So rather than concentrating on record types that are not common, you should focus on the more useful information. The address will map a host name to the IP address. CNAME configures an alias name for the host name. MX represents the mail exchange server for the domain. So, it ensures that the email is delivered to designated receiver. NS denotes the name server of the domain and it facilitates DNS lookups in different zones.

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