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Google Malware Checker

Google Malware Checker

Protect your company’s website from online threats such as phishing which may lead to money scams, copyrights infringement and leakage of important customer related information. Google Malware Checker monitors and inspects the websites you visit and your own website for the presence of malware.

Malware is a suspicious software that makes its way surreptitiously into a computer system without the permission of the administrator. This term denotes several intruding software such as virus, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, shareware and several other dangerous software. It can become a permanent feature of your website which can be detrimental to the performance of the website.

In addition to examining the website for the existence of malware, the Google Malware Checker also assesses the websites for the presence of dubious tasks, sources of software download and any other infections. You should ensure that each page of the website is free of malware so that the site remains healthy. You can also bank on the Domain Authority Checker to get a peek at the different domains that you intend to purchase.

Simply enter the URL of the desired website and click on the Check button. The tool tends to inspect all the pages of the website for the presence of malware in a seamless manner. You want to enhance your return on investment and this can be achieved by ensuring impeccable online presence.

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